Episode 19 – Our Plates Are WAY Too Big For This Season: The Springtime Buffet!

Well, the spring anime season is here, and it’s a season that’s chock-full of a grand total of 55 premieres and 14 shorts, totaling 69 (dudes!) shows to come for all of us to enjoy. And wait, is that Rob from the Decibel Boost Podcast showing up for a guest appearance? “What is this, a crossover episode?” Actually, no, no it’s not. But there’s plenty of music all throughout this show to go along with our prolonged discussions over so, so, so many shows. So get yourself some popcorn, or get that aux chord ready, it’s gonna be a big show.

A note from the editor: I SWEAR, this show was not meant to go on as long as it did. These things just sort of happen on accident.

Additional audio from:
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
the various OPs of the season

2:52 – the “everything else” pile
27:00 – why we don’t have Captain Tsubasa
30:46 – Amazon’s shows
38:06 – HiDive’s shows
52:14 – Aniplex’s shows
1:01:53 – Crunchyroll’s (non-Funimation) shows
1:50:57 – Funimation’s (FuniRoll +1) shows
2:32:17 – you’ll see…

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