Episode 109 – The Average Summer Heat! (Part 2)

Episode 109 - The Average Summer Heat! (Part 2)

As we arrive to the summer season in fashionably late style, the full seasonal crew are here to lay out the diamonds in the rough of a very meh season that seems to be as such before fall arrives for another overwhelming feast of quality content and programming. But despite being a very average season, there was still enough to talk about to make this a two-part episode. It always seems to happen in such a way.

In this second part, the discussion of Funimation’s summer pickups continue before going to the strange pile that Crunchyroll has amassed – some good, some bad, a few headscratchers, a BAD case of polyamorous romcom-itis, and even the true best show of the season that everyone should watch because Jahy is all and all is Jahy. May her reign of dominance and minimum-wage survival be an inspiration to us all.

And yes, we will be talking Crunchyroll next time. Along with Evangelion and Discotek and Fena: Pirate Princess and CRX and everything that happened this week because EVERYTHING happened this week.

start-31:01 – Funimation (second half) (The Duke of Death and His Maid, Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan, Scarlet Nexus)
31:01-end – Crunchyroll (Dragon Maid, Girlfriend Girlfriend, Jahy, The aquatope on white sand)

additional audio from:
The Stranger By the Shore
“Forget Me Not” – ENHYPEN
“Ai no Supreme” – Fhana
“Fuzaketenaize” – Necry Talkie
“Tayutae, Nana-iro” – ARCANA PROJECT
“Gamble” – syudou
“Fightin★Pose” – Yui Ogura

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