Episode 12 – Witness the Unexpected! (Season One Finale)

Episode 12 - Witness the Unexpected! (Season One Finale)

In the last main episode of the first “season” of the show, we end things with a bang to leave you all hanging until the new year and the new “season.” After a brief opening dialogue about our first impressions of Fate/Apocrypha, we go into talking about the upcoming third seasons of Attack on Titan and Free!, the sudden and unexpected streaming arrivals of (Star Blazers) Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and Space Runaway Ideon, the next Gundam series coming stateside to home video in 2018, and we talk about some new dubs coming soon, as well as the weird beginnings some actors tend to have. Also, Duelist and Andy make a few bad jokes. We apologize for the cringe you will hear.

Stay tuned for upcoming between-season episodes throughout November and December, featuring short news briefs and special discussions. And maybe a bonus somewhere in there.

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