Episode 142 – The Month-Behind Catchup Episode!

Episode 142 - The Month-Behind Catchup Episode!

In Memoriam
Kevin Conroy

It’s been about a month since our last main show so that means one thing: a LOT of catching up to do for every aspect of the industry. From weird and interesting new anime announcements to changes in a few business sectors, upcoming dubs and upcoming sequel seasons, weird ventures into the real world, and the biggest thing of the last few weeks: the latest DISCOTEK DAY that had a little bit of something for everybody. And that also means this show will be VERY jam-packed, aka long. Again.

Here’s hoping our next show for Anime NYC won’t be over 3 hours long.

intro – Powerballs, fake checkmarks, and catchup
7:21 – main stories
1:05:42 – new show announcements
1:35:00 – everything else
2:05:48 – home video roundup

7:21 – Golden Kamuy anime postponed indefinitely
10:42 – there’s MORE to the Kadokawa bribery scandal
17:15 – ANN: a Kadokawa subsidiary
22:02 – Anime Limited acquired by Plaion (Embracer Group)
26:43 – a change in the Jump editorial staff
34:41 – so, about that Trigun Stampede trailer…
45:41 – Disney FINALLY does something with their anime pickups
51:50 – Studio Ghibli did a cute Star Wars short
53:25 – Dragon Quest Dai dub available stateside… kind of?
56:41 – Inu-Oh film dub cast revealed
1:05:42 – Buddy Daddies anime announced, coming January
1:08:57 – The Marginal Service anime announced, coming 2023
1:11:57 – stepping ever so closer to isekai singularity
1:16:47 – Lupin Zero net anime premiering in December
1:22:24 – Hiromu Arakawa autobiography becoming an anime
1:23:48 – Slime Time S3 announced, coming soon
1:25:08 – Uma Musume S3 announced, coming spring
1:27:40 – Vinland Saga S2 set for… Netflix AND Crunchyroll?
1:35:00 – BIRDIE WING S2 pushed back to April
1:36:33 – sad PSA: Tokyopop has licensed good things again
1:50:02 – another live-action Your Name director change
1:54:44 – the Laid Back Camp movie and more coming to Crunchyroll
1:57:13 – PSA: DO NOT use the Oculus IRL SAO helmet
1:59:25 – but what does the Bleach anime taste like?
2:01:29 – LAFC brought Gogeta to the MLS Cup
2:03:17 – Kentarō Satō wants Elon Musk to pay him royalties
2:05:48 – Violet Evergarden The Movie 4K coming out on November 28 (UK)
2:06:27 – Crunchyroll January home video slate (Sabicui Bisco, The Stranger By the Shore)
2:13:25 – misc. home video solicits (Magia Record, Boruto, Inu-Oh)
2:14:54 – Sentai January home video slate (I’m Quitting Heroing, Lupin Part 6)
2:18:17 – EL GRANDE DISCOTEK DAY VII (Gunbuster update, GaoGaiGar, Ultimate Muscle, Sonic X JP)
3:08:48 – Discotek January home video slate (Shaman King JP, Virtua Fighter, GaoGaiGar)
3:16:17 – BONUS: the saga of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Twitter account
3:17:34 – BONUS: deleted Ghibli/Lucasfilm discussion

additional audio from:
Batman: The Animated Series
They Live
MST3K: Space Mutiny
Gunbuster (Discotek)
The Return of the King
Fist of the North Star (Discotek)

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