Episode 61 – A Torrential Triple-Header!

Episode 61 - A Torrential Triple-Header!

I know that you’re immediately looking at that total running time, and in our defense, we did NOT plan for this show to go as long as it did. Our original plan did not call for this much material to be discussed, but much like a sudden downpour of rain, you can never predict just how much will come. So, for one time only, you are getting THREE episodes’ worth of content in one MEGA-packed show.

We will NEVER have a show run this long EVER AGAIN. That is a promise that we will try our best to keep.

Anyway, in the first “act” of the show, we have a major deep dive on the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, of the nominations chosen and the categories that have been unfortunately eliminated. In the second chunk, we have a good bit of news to discuss, from upcoming home video releases for April, some new projects headed to Netflix, some movies coming to theaters very soon, and the latest plan for Toei Animation to milk your wallet of nostalgia. And lastly, we go into a way-too-long discussion of the importance of Chekhov’s gun as a literary device in regards to the latest film from Makoto Shinkai, WEATHERING WITH YOU. (P.S. there are spoilers)

One last thing, 4DX screenings of Weathering With You start this coming Friday, January 31st. So go check it out if you want a real intersting theater experience.

CR Awards discussion:
9:20 – Best Ending Sequence
11:25 – Best Opening Sequence
17:02 – Best Drama
20:24 – Best Fantasy
23:37 – Best Comedy
28:26 – Best VA Performance (ENG)
35:37 – Best VA Performance (JPN)
38:38 – Best Couple
44:03 – Best Fight Scene
48:50 – Best Score
50:23 – Best Character Design
52:06 – Best Animation
55:48 – Best Director
57:54 – Best Girl
1:01:55 – Best Boy
1:04:48 – Best Antagonist
1:09:38 – Best Protagonist
1:12:36 – Anime of the Year

1:22:19 – April home video releases + March 31st Discotek releases
1:30:09 – Japan Academy Awards animation nominations
1:34:54 – To Your Eternity anime coming in October
1:38:54 – Log Horizon 3 anime coming in October (3:14:44 – Log Horizon 3 announcement live reaction)
1:40:33 – Made in Abyss sequel project coming soon
1:43:52 – the strange unfinished case of High School Fleet
1:49:00 – BEASTARS coming to Netflix on March 13
1:51:33 – Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution coming to Netflix
1:57:44 – Studio Ghibli films coming to Netflix (outside of NA and Japan)
2:05:57 – Revue Starlight compilation film coming to theaters (Japan) in May
2:06:55 – Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (Your Lie in April director) coming to theaters (Japan) in May
2:10:00 – Tokyo Godfathers coming to theaters in March
2:13:13 – Funimation releasing Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll in early 2020
2:16:46 – Ride Your Wave coming to theaters in February
2:18:47 – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes coming to theaters in February
2:22:12 – Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna coming to theaters in March
2:26:49 – new Digimon Adventure TV anime coming in April

2:32:51 – Weathering With You discussion (3:29:54-3:58:30 – MAJOR SPOILERS)

Additional audio from:
Weathering With You OST
Forrest Gump
Log Horizon OP

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