Episode 65 – The Quarantined Gathering of Godfathers!

Episode 65 - The Quarantined Gathering of Godfathers!

The world may be shut down, everything may be suspended and even cancelled, but our show will be continuing for all of you out there to listen to and pass the time with. And joining us on our first show in this brave and quiet new world we find ourselves in is Stephanie from Dub Talk, here to have some fun and dunk on her boyfriend with the rest of us after we talk about the rampant effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused for… well, everything. Make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap, it’s very important. And while you’re doing that, we’ll be talking about some upcoming and returning projects, a great new addition to Netflix, the first look at summer’s home video releases, and a fun chat about the recently re-released – with a new English dub – Tokyo Godfathers! (For more, check out the episode of Dub Talk all about it right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfUy278xGKU)

Oh, and Bleach may be coming back in 2021 for a new anime series. That’s a thing too.

3:07 – let’s talk about COVID-19
11:10 – anime conventions cancelled and postponed (A-Kon, Sakura-Con, Anime Boston, MomoCon, Comiket, Florida SuperCon)*
*ADDENDUM: Anime Central has since been cancelled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
16:22 – national theater chains shut down for 6-12 weeks, film releases postponed
21:13 – various delays citing COVID-19 concerns (Re:ZERO delayed to July, Funimation simuldubs suspended)
30:44 – how to pass the time with everything shut down (in some areas)
37:43 – Lu Over the Wall now on Netflix
38:53 – PROMARE digital release moved up to April 21
40:38 – Burn The Witch anime project revealed
43:36 – new Bleach anime project revealed
49:44 – AKIRA 4K remaster (tentatively) scheduled for IMAX theaters in Japan in April
51:35 – noitaminA 15th anniversary favorite shows revealed
54:16 – Japan Academy Prize reveals animation of the year award
55:51 – Demon Slayer getting new video games
56:38 – Million Arthur smartphone game ending service in May
57:51 – Akudama Drive anime project revealed
1:00:13 – Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun getting second season in 2021
1:02:21 – Golden Kaumy season 3 coming in the fall
1:03:44 – Date A Live light novel series ending, anime getting fourth season TBA
1:06:50 – new and returning book companies
1:10:30 – HiDive new additions
1:13:40 – the fifth Tenchi Muyo OVA series now on Crunchyroll
1:16:40 – Sentai acquires After the Rain and Non Non Biyori film
1:19:13 – Sound! Euphonium movie coming to Blu-ray in June
1:20:46 – Inuyasha Blu-ray sets finally starting in July
1:22:25 – Konosuba movie coming to Crunchyroll on Tuesday, dubbed in April
1:24:04 – Discotek May 25th home video releases
1:30:51 – Funimation June home video releases
1:46:54 – Sentai June home video releases
1:49:21 – Tokyo Godfathers thoughts

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Tokyo Godfathers trailer (GKIDS)

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