Episode 160 – It’s Kagurabachi’n Time!

Episode 160 - It's Kagurabachi'n Time!

(Producer’s note: this episode is late due to a very busy week. Apologies for the delay.)

Have you all heard about the smash hit new shonen series Kagurabachi? It’s gotten three anime seasons, two movies, and has sold one trillion copies of its manga – it’s the new MORBIUS SWEEP… okay, jokes and memes aside, sometimes Morbius-meme-ing a series can work, but we’ll see in the coming weeks and months if Kagurabachi has the legs to live on in the pages of Jump. And along with talking about that, there is good news for the future of One Piece on Netflix, a rundown of everything from the Aniplex Online Fest event, Demon Slayer and SPY x FAMILY getting Switch games that may or may not be deemed shovelware, and a rundown of Crunchyroll’s fall simulcast slate… MOST of it, rather.

P.S. next time we’ll be going hard on the Rightstuf news. Be ready for it.

intro – the ONA AOT deep dive: coming in January
3:47 – main stories
45:31 – announcements and updates
1:36:54 – home video releases

3:47 – RIP Buichi Terasawa
5:00 – what the hell is Kagurabachi?
23:35 – Tokyo Lab closing down in November
26:06 – One Piece (Netflix) renewed for season 2, scripts are “ready”
30:43 – FLCL Grunge featuring a posthumous VA debut
32:29 – FLCL Shoegaze premieres… this weekend
35:24 – a new MHA episode is coming next month
38:30 – Blue Giant and The Boy and the Heron dated for theaters
41:03 – a new Fist of the North Star series coming in 2024
45:31 – everything from the Aniplex Online Fest event (Blue Exorcist, Madoka Magica, Black Butler)
1:07:19 – Demon Slayer and SPY x FAMILY get Switch shovelware games
1:10:26 – Onimusha anime series premieres in November on Netflix
1:11:47 – Trillion Game anime announced, release TBA
1:12:56 – new seasons announced for My Happy Marriage and more
1:14:13 – Burn the Witch #0.8 anime announced
1:16:05 – Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation drops on Crunchyroll this week
1:18:08 – the mostly-full Crunchyroll fall slate
1:36:54 – Aniplex FINALLY dubbing Rascal, Blu-ray coming in November
1:39:06 – Crunchyroll December slate (One Piece, MHA, Chainsaw Man UK)
1:45:01 – Sentai December slate (Carole & Tuesday box)

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