Episode 163 – An Unprecedented F-ing Up & The Final Finale… Maybe?

Episode 163 - An Unprecedented F-ing Up & The Final Finale… Maybe?

November is here, the fall season is in full swing, and things have been pretty quiet for a bit all over the place, which means it’s the right time for someone to screw up in spectacular fashion. There are not-so-kind words being sent out to a certain voice talent over how a certain recent situation played out, and our punches aren’t being pulled in this case because WOW this was bad. But, in happier news, Toonami has things worth talking about again, (most of) the fall season dub casts are run down, we have a reminder that PLUTO is worth spending your time watching on Netflix, and Attack on Titan is finally ending this weekend… we hope. Not just for our sakes, but for the sakes of everyone at MAPPA dealing with a madman for a boss.

It’s a short show for once, too. Fancy that. We’ll all bitch about the $550 Code Geass box of crap next time.

intro – spooky season is now over
6:37 – main stories
1:15:24 – announcements and updates
1:21:44 – home video releases

6:37 – how NOT to handle a dub casting snafu (RE: Bleach)
39:03 – Toonami HAS THINGS (Demon Slayer and HD IGPX)
45:12 – Crunchyroll subscription channel now on Amazon Prime Video
48:28 – the fall 2023 dub cast rundown
1:11:29 – PLUTO is good, watch it
1:15:24 – Attack on Titan ENDS this weekend… with MORE coming???]
1:19:54 – Sentenced to Be a Hero anime coming… soon
1:21:44 – Aniplex December releases
1:23:22 – Stone Ocean Blu-ray in January

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