The Black Friday Discotek Day Marathon! (Best-Of)

The Black Friday Discotek Day Marathon! (Best-Of)

Happy Black Friday and/or Small Business Saturday and/or Cyber Monday – the best time of the year for reckless spending on random stuff nobody really needs but the deals are just way too good to pass up – and to help bide the time while you’re out shopping (or endlessly browsing Amazon) here’s a very long best-of compilation of our past “Discotek Day” events for you all to listen and look back on… for nearly NINE HOURS. Now, in response to the question of “but WHY tho?” the answer is simple: sometimes some ideas are just dumb enough to work. This is nearly a half-gigabyte of audio that took up 22 gigabytes of project files to put together and it will serve as a fine resource of the wonderful madness that the people of Discotek Media give to all of us – to note, this is NOT sponsored in any way, we’re just big fans of their work.

Stay tuned for our next new episode coming up this weekend, talking Anime NYC and a whole lot more.

Intro – happy Black Friday
3:27 – EGDD #1 (Otakon 2019)
42:32 – EGDD #1.5: Anime Lockdown (May 2020)
1:12:29 – EGDD #2 (September 2020)
2:03:28 – EGDD #2.5.0: The Discotekkening (December 2020)
2:49:19 – EGDD #2.5.1: Super Discotek Day (March 2021)
3:22:05 – EGDD #3 (Otakon 2021)
3:43:12 – EGDD #4 (December 2021)
4:25:52 – EGDD #5 (March 2022)
4:58:43 – EGDD #6 (Otakon 2022)
5:28:11 – EGDD #7 (November 2022)
6:18:38 – EGDD #8 (February 2023)
7:03:24 – EGDD #9 (Otakon 2023)
7:56:53 – EGDD #10 (October 2023)

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