Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins!

Episode 1 - The Adventure Begins!

It’s the debut episode of PodcastONA, the last anime podcast you’ll ever need! In this first installment, the dais takes some time to introduce themselves, while giving their two cents on some of the biggest anime headlines of the past few weeks, such as Studio Ghibli’s new theme park plans, the return of Hunter x Hunter to Weekly Shonen Jump, and the ridiculous home video success of Yuri!!! On ICE. And of course, all kinds of hijinks will ensue.

Your hosts are Alex, Andy, Jet, and Duelist. You can follow them on Twitter @AuraOfAzure, @MangaMan9000, @Divinenega, and @HeartofSword75. Check out surrealresolution.com for more content, and follow @SurrealReso for more updates on the show, our continued news posts, reviews, and our fellow podcasts.

Send an email to alexander@surrealresolution.com for any questions about the show you would like answered. Be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes and Google Play Music and follow the show’s video feed on vid.me/PodcastONA. As always, enjoy the show!

Clips and music from:
“Upstep” by Purple-Planet.com
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Bojack Horseman
Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright
AlphaOmegaSin “The Best Game Room Tour Ever”
Various YouTube Clips

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