Episode 149 – The Springtime Convention Kickoff!

Episode 149 - The Springtime Convention Kickoff!

Well, it took a month, but all of us are back in the swing of things, and not a moment too soon either – Sakura-Con, Anime Boston, AND AnimeJapan 2023 all happened and they brought their own slew of announcements to the table for us to sift through and discuss. And to go along with that, we have another dabble in the wild world of lost media, our brief thoughts on the now-over winter season, plenty of non-AnimeJapan project announcements that run the gamut of quality, and Sentai coming out with a double-shot of dub goodness… at the cost of one title not getting a dub, sadly.

Next time, Suzume and episode 150 – what a wild ride it’s been, and we’re not stopping any time soon.

intro – to the “Max”
7:15 – what did we think of the winter season?
30:00 – main stories
55:02 – announcements and updates
1:26:22 – AnimeJapan 2023
2:09:22 – Sakura-Con and Anime Boston panels
2:24:20 – home video slates

30:00 – a new Kinnikuman anime is happening
32:11 – Kodansha launching their own digital manga platform in May
35:32 – “but why tho” (and it involves Stu Levy)
38:30 – ANOTHER lost Saban animated pilot has been found
42:20 – Adult Swim gets another hour, Toonami gets… things?
47:26 – Scott Pilgrim, the anime, gets the movie cast
52:45 – Birdie Wing, the anime, gets a Switch game
55:02 – +Ultra is sticking with Crunchyroll
1:03:54 – My Happy Marriage set for Netflix
1:04:44 – Shaman King Flowers coming in January
1:06:43 – Solo Leveling set for winter 2024
1:09:17 – Ishura anime set for Disney+ (and Hulu)
1:11:04 – “somehow, GoHands has returned…”
1:14:58 – Given movie announced, coming soon
1:16:32 – The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You anime announced
1:19:23 – a fourth Aquarion series announced
1:20:00 – To Your Eternity S3 announced
1:21:01 – Wind Breaker anime announced
1:22:10 – Tonikawa S2 dub details
1:26:22 – AnimeJapan’s annual “make this show already” poll results
1:30:03 – the AnimeJapan 2023 RUNDOWN OF DOOM
2:09:22 – Yen Press Sakura-Con panel (Bocchi the Rock manga licensed)
2:19:58 – HIDive Anime Boston panel (Re:cycle of the Penguindrum)
2:23:01 – Crunchyroll AB/SC announcements (summer/fall acquisitions)
2:24:01 – Anime Limited May releases (Free finale film, Looking For Magical Doremi)
2:26:07 – Crunchyroll June releases (SPY x FAMILY)
2:33:02 – Media Blasters’ latest thing and more Boruto
2:34:33 – Discotek June 27th releases (Medarot, more Lupin)
2:35:28 – Sentai July releases (Tokyo Mew MEw New, Re:cycle of the Penguindrum, Eizouken)

additional audio from:
The Simpsons
The X-Files
Excel Saga

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