Episode 18.5 – The Dolls Are Not Robots, Okay?

Episode 18.5 - The Dolls Are Not Robots, Okay?

Well, this was certainly last-minute. Turns out, we weren’t able to get our spring preview show out as scheduled – next weekend, we promise – so instead, we put together a fun little show talking about Violet Evergarden, which we can all agree is very, very good. So do enjoy this bonus episode of our 40 minutes or so of rambling and discussion (and clips) about Netflix’s latest anime offering. Consider it a prelude for what will be a very, very, very long discussion about the spring season coming next time.

Additional audio from:
Violet Evergarden (Netflix)
The Simpsons
“Sincerely” by TRUE
“Michishirube” by Minori Chihara

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