Episode 30 – The Review of Two Heroes! (Or, The Story of All Might and His Boyfriend, David)

Episode 30 - The Review of Two Heroes! (Or, The Story of All Might and His Boyfriend, David)

We are in for a special show here, as we all saw and are HYPED about the excellent film that is MY HERO ACADEMIA: TWO HEROES, and we’re here to share the fun with all of you! Joining us to fill in for an absent Jet is Surreal Resolution’s EIC and the host/producer of our sibling podcast, Decibel Boost, Robert, and here’s here to chime in on not just the movie but also some upcoming releases from Sentai and Discotek, a rather interesting release coming in Japan for Dropkick On My Devil, the big announcements coming out of NYCC and Anime Weekend Atlanta, but if we’re being honest, we know you’re all here for the movie review.

Be warned, there will be spoilers. Timecodes are included for those who want to skip them.

2:41 – Duelist at the Movies: Digimon Tri. 6 (SPOILERS: 6:33-9:18, 11:42-14:12)
20:27 – Sarazanmai (Ikuhara/MAPPA) gets promo and premiere slated for April on noitaminA
23:24 – Shout! Factory x Eleven Arts
26:32 – Emma A Victorian Romance reaches Kickstarter goal
28:20 – Dropkick on My Devil home video releases cancelled
32:18 – Sidebar: Where’s Re:ZERO set 2?
33:10 – Discotek – November releases
36:15 – Sentai Filmworks/Maiden Japan January releases
42:40 – Funi @ AWA – Death Note live-action JP films licensed (sub-only)
46:36 – Viz @ AWA – Osomatsu dub cast
49:00 – Aniplex @ AWA – Fate/Apocrypha and more 3gatsu Blu-ray sets coming
51:10 – Viz @ NYCC (JoJo, Castlevania, MEGALOBOX)
56:25 – Funimation @ NYCC (Eureka Seven, SSSS.Gridman)
1:00:31 – My Hero Academia 4th season confirmed
1:04:38 – PodcastONA at the Movies: My Hero Academia – Two Heroes
(SPOILERS: 1:27:07-1:44:10, 1:48:59-1:50:09)
1:55:02 – thoughts on the latest Dragonball Super: Broly trailer reveals

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