Back at it after some weather-related delays, the crew is here to discuss some of the biggest news items over the past few weeks, including the latest shake-up to Toonami, some upcoming Funimation home video releases, a surprising sample in Eminem’s latest album, and the latest brouhaha over whatever is going to be called Kemono Friends now.

Alas, this podcast is 100% Bowserette free. It was recorded before the latest horny-on-main meme became a thing.

(Interested in the Emma Kickstarter? Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/160939828/lets-dub-emma-a-victorian-romance-anime-tv-series)

2:55 – Kemono Friends second series confirmed
11:08 – new Madoka Magica anime coming 2019
15:38 – Dragonball Super: Broly film premiere date
21:31 – MFKZ dub cast and premiere announced
26:00 – Global Road Studio bankruptcy (re: the live-action Tiger & Bunny film)
30:09 – Funimation December slate
40:52 – Rightstuf’s latest Kickstarter project: Emma A Victorian Romance
45:45 – Toonami: now at 9pm
55:41 – Intermission: talking about Toonami shows that never were
1:02:00 – SAO Alicization: four cours confimed
1:06:38 – Blend-S Waitress Blu-ray coming in November (sub-only)
1:07:50 – Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine silently goes unlicensed/OOP
1:10:36 – Black Clover continuing on
1:13:02 – Uru in Blue and… Gunbuster 3 coming???
1:16:15 – a Tokyo Ghoul Root A track sample in Eminem’s new album?
1:19:33 – new additions to Jump Force
1:25:15 – Isabelle heads to Smash
1:29:08 – Sony announces the PlayStation Classic

Additional audio from:
MFKZ trailer
The Office
“Intermission” by The Offspring
“Double the Bits”

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