Episode 38 – F-CK.

Episode 38 - F-CK.

One word just says it all, doesn’t it? The amount of discourse and drama and mudslinging and disappointment and outrage and sadness over what’s been going down with… one certain big-name voice actor… is enough to just make one person scream a four-letter word out loud. We wouldn’t normally comment on such a situation taking place outside the boundaries of production, but it’s become too large for us to ignore and stay silent on.

And yes, we agree. #KickVic

All of that said, after the 25-minute mark, there is much more to talk about in this show, such as a strange situation regarding Tenchi Muyo GXP, news from the Annie Awards, a troubling update to the Granblue Fantasy: Relink game production, Re:ZERO getting replacement discs (after 6 months), Maquia getting a really fancy limited edition home video release, some exciting new anime projects coming soon, and what’s this about that rapscallion Chiitan getting their own anime?

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