Episode 56 – The LOL-suit, Part 2: The Backwards Sweep!

Episode 56 - The LOL-suit, Part 2: The Backwards Sweep!

(CONTENT WARNING: There’s more explicit language than usual. Listen with headphones on.)

You know, we really couldn’t have foreseen the sheer level of idiotic stubbornness that some people are capable of exhuming. It truly is remarkable to see how far some folks will go to stick to their guns, even when coming up short on every single account. It is, without question, a true LOLcow of a lawsuit that has been thrown out – you might call it a “LOL-suit,” even. What a shame that the guy in question just had to go along with it for every single moment. Oh well, that’s the life he’s now going to have to live, blackballed and paying money out the hole to a trio of competent legal teams.

If you haven’t skipped ahead to the final 20 minutes of the show, enjoy our discussion on the happenings at New York Comic-Con, the latest Toonami schedule changes, a few new projects coming in 2020 to kick the decade off in fine fashion, that CERTAIN news item that broke before our last episode went up regarding Sony and Funimation, and just what on Earth is going on with the ill-fated Psycho-Pass 3. At least we have the pro wrestler isekai show to look forward to in the fall.

This show is for J and M. Happy belated birthday to you both.

5:16-33:08 – NYCC roundup:
5:47 – Funimation
14:24 – Crunchyroll
16:52 – Viz manga
24:00 – Shonen Jump manga
26:59 – One Punch Man S2 dub cast additions
28:15 – JoJo Golden Wind dub cast leads
33:08 – Toonami October schedule changes
39:50 – Sailor Says: use protection!
42:52 – Sony Pictures TV/Aniplex/Funimation consolidates global anime streaming
47:15 – HiDive/MAL partnership
48:20 – Pokémon anime new series details
53:05 – Demon Slayer film coming soon
56:28 – big things for MHA
59:45 – new CR anime dubs
1:06:46 – Gundam merch coming soon, Char’s Counterattck coming to theaters?
1:09:30 – thoughts on the 2nd Lupin III movie PV
1:10:43 – One Piece: Stampede cast additions
1:13:27 – FLCL Alt/Pro home video update, vinyl OST release
1:15:18 – Carole & Tuesday second half coming to Netflix on Christmas Eve
1:16:11 – upcoming projects in 2020 (TPN, DanMachi, Railgun, Princess Principal)
1:21:19 – Psycho-Pass 3 details
1:31:07 – The LOL-suit – AGAIN!

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