Episode 57 – Lo-Fi Fall Season Anime Discussions to Study To

Episode 57 - Lo-Fi Fall Season Anime Discussions to Study To

You know, for the fall season, the selections on display aren’t super big. Maybe it’s because last fall was so giant that it makes this look small by comparison, but it just doesn’t have the same excitement in its offerings. Well, be that as it may, we are here to give our brief thoughts on the premiering shows for the final season of the 2010s, along with some discussion on this impending streaming war happening very soon and how HBO Max is going to get our money with the Studio Ghibli library, how Netflix will try to retain all of our subscriptions with their upcoming exclusive projects, and even a bit of news across the pond that will give a very large broadcast network their first big foray into this wacky and wonderful world of anime.

Andrew will most likely be back next time, as he was indisposed with other matters that we may or may not have attributed to an episode of Seinfeld from 1991.

4:04 – One Piece dub returning
6:16 – Robotech now on FunimationNow… for some reason
12:42 – Anime Limited announcements @ MCM London Comic-Con
15:34 – All4 (Channel 4 VOD) now supplying anime content
18:10 – My Hero Academia S4 coming to Toonami on November 9
21:49 – Studio Ghibli films coming to HBO Max
26:00 – Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) production shut down for 7-9 months
27:37 – Aggretsuko comic line coming in 2020
29:10 – Saint Seiya now on Netflix with a new dub
32:09 – Academy Awards animated film considerations
34:35 – Weathering With You dated for theatrical run in January
36:53 – Shirobako film dated for Leap Day
37:55 – Sailor Moon Eternal film project beginning in September
39:33 – upcoming Netflix releases (Saiki K., Japan Sinks 2020, GitS:SAC_2045)
50:35 – Viz home video releases (Jan/Feb)
53:55 – Discotek home video releases (December)
55:38 – Sentai home video releases (January)
57:41 – Funimation home video releases (January)
1:10:04-end: fall season preview
1:12:23 – continuing shows (Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga)
1:15:34 – unlicensed/TBA (BEASTARS)
1:19:23 – Netflix (Sound & Fury, Seis Manos)
1:26:55 – Amazon (Babylon, Blade of the Immortal)
1:31:52 – Sentai/HiDive (Ahiru no Sora, Kandagawa Jet Girls)
1:41:08 – Aniplex (ORESUKI, We Never Learn: BOKUBEN)
1:50:52 – Crunchyroll (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Chihayafuru 3, Food Wars: The Fourth Plate)
2:03:49 – Funimation (Cautious Hero, No Guns Life, Kemono Michi: Rise Up, Stars Align, My Hero Academia S4)

Additional audio from:
The Spoony Experiment
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Seis Manos
Ed Edd n Eddy
Kemono Michi: Rise Up!

Additional music from:
Sturgill Simpson – “Sing Along”
My Hero Academia
Blade of the Immortal
Kandagawa Jet Girls
Food Wars: The Fourth Plate
Cautious Hero
Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia

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