Episode 77 – The Power is Back On! (Mostly)

Episode 77 - The Power is Back On! (Mostly)

Power outages sure do suck, and because we had to deal with a few of those quite recently it’s messed with our schedule going forward. But we’re back, even as a three-man group, to discuss the latest happenings that have been backlogged in the newsroom, from both the good and bad with a bit in the ugly department as well. And if you’re into soundtracks, there’s a lot of upcoming releases to look at, along with a long-requested show finally getting a dub, a look into upcoming shows for 2021, and a rather unsettling story regarding the end of a once-promising series. Sensitive ears are advised to proceed with caution.

4:24 – the end of Act-Age (listener discretion)
13:27 – Studio ARMS: bankrupt
16:05 – Nikkei report on Sony plans for 2021
21:43 – Yashahime PV now available
25:41 – a belated Virtual SDCC roundup (The Dragon Prince, industry NPD, best/worst manga)
39:41 – Toonami updates
46:40 – upcoming Tiger Lab Vinyl releases
48:06 – Rightstuf @ Otakon Online (Gundam SEED, AoT vinyl)
51:24 – Cowboy Bebop OST on vinyl coming soon
53:58 – over 500 tracks from Flying Dog now on music streaming platforms (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Code Geass)
55:57 – Kickstarter for The Island of Giant Insects is… back
(UPDATE: it’s funded)
1:00:30 – The Great Pretender preliminary dub cast
1:05:48 – new Crunchyroll dubs confirmed (Rent-a-Girlfriend, Monster Girl Doctor)
1:18:49 – new dubs on HIDIVE and some strange Crunchyroll additions
1:21:18 – the Sentai/Crunchyroll purge
1:24:01 – Sentai kinda has two Discotek movies…?
1:25:21 – something about that Beyond the Boundary steelbook is awful
1:29:56 – Sentai @ Home happening this month
1:31:54 – Anime Weekend Atlanta (finally) cancelled, postponed for 2021
1:33:06 – Funimation and Viz going from semi-serious to serious?
1:35:13 – My Hero Academia OVAs coming this weekend
1:36:00 – the most popular shows during the pandemic
1:40:43 – Sept/Oct Viz home video releases (JoJo, Naruto)
1:44:03 – Galaxy Angel X coming to Blu-ray in November/Discotek October 27th releases (Symphogear, Cleopatra)
1:49:51 – Sentai October releases (Shirobako DUB, DanMachi II box)
1:54:49 – the latest upcoming shows for fall and 2021

Additional audio from:
The Office
SpongeBob SquarePants
The Island of Giant Insects – Kickstarter Trailer
Liar Liar

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