Episode 76 – The Summertime Pizza Party Buffet… Thing… Yeah. (Season 7 Premiere)

Episode 76 - The Summertime Pizza Party Buffet... Thing... Yeah. (Season 7 Premiere)

We’re in the deep of summer now, that’s for sure. The days are getting hotter, the storms are coming in quicker than you can predict, and the seasonal anime offerings are starting to heat up a little bit more – just wait for fall, it’s gonna get even nuttier. You know, because of the whole scheduling delays and postponements and stuff. But even though this season feels a lot slimmer than usual, there is still plenty to talk about from both the good and bad, and even a bit of the ugly as well. And to go along with our seasonal discussion, we have the expected rigmarole of the never-ending streaming wars heating up, a first-ever from GKIDS with a certain film coming very soon, some interesting music and dub news, and a few more-in-depth talks sprinkled in as well.

New season, new shows, same ol’ snark. That’s the PodcastONA guarantee.

4:46 – Cardcaptor Sakura’s one-week airing in the Philippines
13:47 – Dragon’s Dogma project coming to Netflix on September 17th
17:09 – Tomie project greenlit at… Quibi
23:47 – Indivisible project greenlit at Peacock
31:33 – …apparently Aniplex has a kids’ show?
33:12 – Jungle Empreor Leo gets a dub from out of nowhere (RetroCrush)
36:26 – Hunter x Hunter available on AnimeLab (AU/NZ) and FunimationNow UK
39:25 – Netflix August drops (Aggretsuko S3, The Great Pretender)
45:24 – HBO Max August additions (maybe)
50:48 – Ishida and Asakura licensed, English dub coming soon
57:40 – Digimon Kizuna dub cast revealed
1:06:25 – the latest from Milan Records
1:09:26 – some teases from Tiger Lab Vinyl
1:10:53 – the new Armored Trooper VOTOMS release is (kinda) fixed
1:12:12 – a brief review of the Inuyasha Blu-ray set
1:18:01 – a note about the Funimation release of Demon Slayer
1:20:11 – Shout! Factory upcoming home video releases: The Wonderland, Weathering With You 4K
1:27:10 – Funimation October home video slate
1:34:50 – Gal & Dino rescheduled for October broadcast
1:36:11 – what spring shows actually did finish without suspension?

1:44:18-end – summer season discussion
1:45:19 – carryovers and leftovers
1:48:42 – unlicensed
1:49:59 – Netflix (BNA, Japan Sinks: 2020)
1:57:40 – HiDive (SNAFU S3, Peter Grill)
2:02:13 – Aniplex (SUPER HXEROS, Demon King Academy, SAO)
2:20:04 – Funimation (Uzaki-chan, Fire Force S2, DECA-DENCE)
2:44:00 – Crunchyroll (GIBIATE, Re:ZERO S2, The God of High School)

additional audio from:
The Simpsons
The Eric Andre Show
Scott the Woz
Openings: Re:ZERO, BNA, Peter Grill & the Philosopher’s Time, Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, DECA-DENCE, GIBIATE, Rent-a-Girlfriend
“The Great Pretender” – Freddie Mercury

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