Episode 80 – The Discotek SmackDown!

Episode 80 - The Discotek SmackDown!

Even in the midst of cataclysmic chaos the world over, Discotek finds a way to bring us all together to join in the glory of old-ish anime titles coming back for a second chance at fandom life, and with how big of a deal these Discotek Days are you just know that we’re on the case to dive deep into the announcements, the plunder, and all of the joyous wonderment that such a day can bring to all of us. And also on deck, rounding out a fairly-sized show, are the announcements of Funimation acquiring Violet Evergarden, the Shirobako dub cast, Akira coming to 4K Blu-ray this Christmas, and the final stop of a long-running joke of this show for many years: BIG ORDER has a new home.

Also, Stephanie from Dub Talk is back with us – mostly to dunk on Andrew and praise the glory of Satoshi Kon. Not necessarily in that order, either.

5:13 – Sing a Bit of Harmony film announced (Funimation co-production)
12:58 – Viz is going PARTNER with Funimation for streaming
23:55 – Sentai acquires Ajin OADs
25:02 – Shirobako dub cast revealed
35:27 – The Garden of Words steelbook and Penguin Highway LE cancelled
40:24 – Funimation acquires Violet Evergarden, coming in December
47:10 – Funimation and Viz home video late additions (One Piece, Azur Lane, One Punch Man S2, Naruto Blu-ray)
51:16 – Funimation December home video releases (Violet Evergarden, Dr. Stone, Akira 4K)
1:05:54 – Discotek November releases (1001 Nights, Big Order)
1:17:41 – EL GRANDE DISCOTEK DAY 2 (Hajime no Ippo, Project A-Ko restoration plans, The Legend of Black Heaven)

Additional audio from:
“The Fiery Furnace” – Ethan Meixsell
“Funny Quirky Comedy” – Redafs.com (licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License)
“Colorful Box” – Yoko Ishida
“William Tell Overture”
“Every Night” – To Live and Die in L.A.
“Cautionary Warning” – John Sykes
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
SpongeBob SquarePants

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