Episode 81 – The Progressive Future Outlook

Episode 81 - The Progressive Future Outlook

In Memoriam
Kosei Tomita

At the heart of it all, this is a very silly show where a group of folks come together to talk and snark about anime, so please keep that in mind when listening to some very hammy and over-exaggerated reactions happen over certain shows. With that in mind, as we prepare for our fall season undertaking, we’re also looking ahead to see what the winter season has in store for us while also taking some detours into the world of strange Kickstarter project ramifications, the world of Pokémon in both the anime and meta contexts, and some home video stuff that can certainly consist of the good, bad, AND ugly.

Also, be on the lookout for a cameo from a wild Stephanie from Dub Talk. She manages to find her way onto these shows and we welcome the added snarking and dunking provided.

7:30 – SAO Progressive anime happening… sometime
15:02 – Attack on Titan S4 confirmed for Funi and CR, coming December
19:05 – Fruits Basket S3 coming 2021, final season
21:36 – Rent-a-Girlfriend and Uzaki-chan second seasons happening
25:35 – Dropkick On My Devil S3 going to crowdfunding (20 million yen goal met)
27:44 – SK8 the Infinity anime revealed, coming January
30:16 – another Wixoss anime happening in January
33:06 – Non Non Biyori S3 set for January
33:40 – Eden’s Zero anime to be produced at J.C. Staff, airing April
40:43 – Baki: Son of Ogre coming soon to Netflix
41:34 – early Detective Conan now on Crunchyroll
43:37 – Netflix anime search data by country
48:24 – FuniNow ICYMI roundup (movies and Aniplex shows)
53:30 – what’s left from Aniplex?
58:13 – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai simulcasting on Crunchyroll and Hulu
58:43 – Yashahime simulcasting on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and FunimationNow; Inuyasha catalogue on FuniNow
1:02:01 – FunimationNow launching in Mexico and Brazil in December
1:04:23 – Dorohedoro OVA coming to Netflix 10/15
1:05:23 – sidebar: remember that Swat Kats Kickstarter project?
1:08:52 – Resident Evil CG anime project coming to Netflix in 2021
1:10:30 – @Pokemon goes rogue and defends Porygon after 23 years of scapegoating
1:17:38 – how about that “Gotcha!” video?
1:21:54 – that Your Name live-action movie has a new writer/director
1:25:12 – Lupin the Third: The First release plans
1:27:06 – some notes from Rightstuf re: sales and upcoming releases
1:31:26 – more November home video releases (Funi, Aniplex, Viz)
1:40:40 – Sentai December home video releases
1:47:17 – the roast of a certain anime retailer

Additional audio from:
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“Funny Quirky Comedy” – Redafs.com (licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License)

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