Episode 84 – The Way of the Pile!

Episode 84 - The Way of the Pile!

Let’s keep it real, it’s been a VERY long week. A very long and drawn-out week that’s just about worn everyone out. But the cycle for this show continues in earnest, all in spite of an ever-shifting climate or climates. So, for this show, we have the low-down on the Netflix anime presentation event and a certain househusband that’s coming along with it, some dub casts with some wishes being granted, those damn MONKEY PAWS curling up time and time again, and the latest on just how much money the Demon Slayer film has made in Japan so far. But that’s just the tip of what’s to come from THE PILE: when all of the news builds up after a season recap show so we have to spend extra time going through it all. As has become tradition, really.

And a wild Stephanie from Dub Talk will appear every so often in this show, as well. We enjoy the company.

2:25 – let’s talk about Tuesday
10:14 – RIP Izumi Matsumoto
11:44 – the as-expected downfall of Quibi
15:50 – Kuroko getting a dub on Netflix? (UNCONFIRMED)
19:21 – Yashahime dub cast, available now (FuniNow and CR)
28:00 – Higurashi dub cast, now available on FuniNow
36:22 – Demon Slayer breaks all kinds of box office records
40:17 – Demon Slayer bootlegger arrested
42:53 – EVA 3.0+1.0 dated for real this time
45:06 – Maison Ikkoku featured in Norah Jones music video
47:00 – Rumiko Takahashi honored by Japanese government
48:01 – Toonami schedule update
53:25 – Funimation acquires Heaven Official’s Blessing via bilibili
58:09 – KyoAni and Animation Do have merged
59:43 – NTV establishes anime department/division, announces Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- for 2021
1:02:49 – Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it S2 announced
1:04:35 – Kaguya-sama S3 and OVA confirmed for 2021
1:07:31 – Zutto Oēn Project 2011 + 10 projects
1:10:10 – noitaminA and +Ultra series announcements
1:14:14 – Tokyo Babylon TV anime coming in 2021 from GoHands
1:17:41 – Hetalia anime coming in spring 2021 (from the monkey’s paw)
1:27:17 – Getter Robo Arc anime coming summer 2021
1:29:47 – the Given movie comes to Crunchyroll in 2021
1:32:23 – Cyber City Oedo 808 Blu-Ray, Millennium Actress 4K coming soon from Anime Limited (UK)
1:35:45 – Gundam SEED and Tylor Blu-ray set updates
1:41:52 – NIS America December home video releases
1:43:11 – Shout Factory January home video releases (Lupin, Bartender)
1:45:45 – Viz January home video releases (Boruto, Infini-T Force)
1:47:46 – Sentai January home video releases (Blade of the Immortal, Killing Bites)
1:55:36 – Discotek January home video releases (Castle of Cagliostro 4K, Hajime no Ippo)
2:01:49 – Funimation January home video releases (No Guns Life, Fruits Basket S2)
2:11:31 – Netflix Anime Festival 2020 announcements (The Way of the Househusband, Kishibe Rohan, Yasuke)

additional audio from:
Mona Wonderlick – “Free Range”
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Cyber City Oedo 808

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