Episode 85 – The Everlong Dichotomy of Life

Episode 85 - The Everlong Dichotomy of Life

In Memoriam
Kirby Morrow

As we step closer and closer to finally closing the book on the year 2020, it’s important to know the tremendous weight it has brought along with it has been, in so many ways, insurmountable. From the major calamities to the more personal struggles, this year is leaving a gigantic impact on just about everyone. And as we step closer to casting this year off, it is just as important to remember the calamity that wreaked havoc, from the macro to the micro, so that we can work to better ourselves, and each other, in the year and years to follow. The sad truth is, though, that we all have a lot of work to do to get to the point where we can all better ourselves and each other, and that we cannot forget what has come about and those we have lost throughout the year.

We live, we lose, we learn, we move forward. That is the nature of life, and is also the nature of this show, with moments to mourn from our past and present but also moments to look toward our future.

7:20 – RIP Kirby Morrow
15:50 – RIP Hikari Yono
17:23 – Studio Yotta makes Animaniacs look anime AF
23:52 – so… that EX-ARM trailer…
34:43 – Crunchyroll fall dubs
45:14 – sidebars regarding AT&T and Comcast
48:44 – SSSS.Gridman coming to Toonami in January
52:02 – SHAFT and Shinbo reunite for Pretty Boy Detective Club in 2021
54:36 – WATATEN! returns, God has abandoned us according to Jet
56:55 – Naoki Urasawa has a project in the works
1:00:22 – Old Man Tomino has three new projects coming soon
1:03:30 – the first US Evangelion screening discovered (via Evageeks)
1:08:58 – Evangelion 3.0+1.0 voice recording finished
1:11:40 – EVANGELION FINALLY OST coming stateside
1:13:51 – Demon Slayer box office update
1:19:04 – Aniplex wants MORE money in the theaters via SAO Progressive
1:20:41 – a plea to Aniplex and Funimation: NO DEMON SLAYER THEATER RUN UNTIL VACCINES COME
1:25:50 – The World Ends With You new PV, new game announced
1:29:10 – more Code Geass coming soon, Andrew is very mad
1:32:06 – Cowboy Bebop live-action series cast additions
1:35:14 – even more 7DS coming to Netflix in 2021
1:37:45 – Twittering Birds Never Fly virtual cinema screening in December
1:39:03 – Sentai acquires KAIJI
1:42:49 – Gundam titles now on FunimationNow, Gundam SEED home video update
1:47:34 – farewell to Media Blasters’ expensive DVD-R manufacturer
1:50:06 – notes on Weathering With You 4K (disc replacement link: https://www.shoutfactory.com/replacement/weathering-with-you-collector-s-edition-ltd-ed)
1:56:20 – Sentai February home video releases
2:04:29 – Funimation February home video releases
2:12:25 – Aniplex March home video releases (via Anime NYC)
2:16:10 – Eleven Arts acquires the SHIROBAKO movie
2:21:33 – Eleven Arts releasing the Sound! Euphonium recap movies digitally this Tuesday (Decemebr 1)
2:23:27 – Anime Limited/Cloud Matsuri rundown

additional audio from:
Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon
Inuyasha OST – “An Elegy,” “Destiny and Love”
EX-ARM trailer
Black Lagoon
“The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny”

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