Episode 88 – The New Year’s Training Arc! (Season 8 Premiere)

Episode 88 - The New Year's Training Arc! (Season 8 Premiere)

In Memoriam
Brad Venable

To say that the year 2021 has gotten off to a hectic start would be the understatement of the decade, as there has been a LOT going on in only the first week of the new year. And we hope that, in some small way, this show will help clear your mind on the outside world for a short while, because while things are still very much on fire we will always find a way to converge and shoot the stuff on this fascinating hobby and interest that we all share. And in our first show back, training ourselves back to form after an extended holiday, we continue to report on the mountain of money that Demon Slayer keeps making, share some interesting additions to HBO Max coming this month, and continue our look at the year-end lists for a year that was… a year. Let’s get started on working to make this year a LOT less horrid than last year was.


5:54 – our “apolitical” holiday preamble: Andrew’s Bakugo mask, Jet binged Bojack Horseman, Alex’s mail woes
21:03 – Demon Slayer pulled off the Endgame strategy
26:49 – Khara’s new “no lewds allowed” rule
35:00 – results of plagirism from GoHands and 7SEEDS
39:55 – Mamoru Oshii has things to say
44:25 – and so does Makoto Shinkai
48:01 – GATE manga release from Sekai Project cancelled
52:10 – Attack on Titan manga ending in 3 chapters
54:49 – Toonami schedule updates
1:01:12 – Sound! Euphonium film now online for free (Tubi/Peacock)
1:03:01 – HBO Max January additions
1:06:52 – GKIDS films showing up on HBO Max: Night is Short dub coming 1/12, Earwig and the Witch coming 2/5
1:12:04 – KonoSuba! movie dub now on Crunchyroll
1:14:22 – new Funimation co-pro announced
1:18:37 – Aggretsuko S4 announced
1:22:10 – Zombie Land Saga Revenge revealed for spring
1:26:10 – Tsukihime game remake announced for summer (PS4/Switch)
1:30:27 – Akira 4K Blu-ray disc replacement program (https://www.funimation.com/blog/2020/12/22/akira-4k-hdr-disc-replacement-how-to-limited-edition/)
1:34:06 – Viz March home video releases (Inuyasha, Mr. Osomatsu)
1:41:52 – List-a-Mania, Part 2 (ANN, Oricon, Amazon Japan)

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YG – “FDT”
Madvillainy – “Great Day”
Madvillainy – “All Caps”

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