Episode 91 – The Winter Binge & Purge! (Part 2)

Episode 91 - The Winter Binge & Purge! (Part 2)

With the start of a new anime season comes our seasonal discussion of the good, bad, and quite certainly ugly that the season has to offer. And with the large amount of shows this season has in store, we’ve got two loaded episodes to unpack a season filled with sequels, quality, and even some dumpster fires as well – and we have our good friends Megan from Dub Talk and Sketch from just about everywhere to join us and help us out with the chatter and snark that the season has given us.

In the second of our season-roundup double-header, we tackle some of the worst that the season has to offer in the form of extreme bad-touch territory, a dull run of idol shows, and a true contender for THE worst show of the season – if not the year – before tackling some of the best shows of the season that offers the following: skateboards, eggs, and piercings. Not necessarily in that order, either.

0:58 – Cute Executive Officer OVA
5:11 – Redo of Healer*
MATURE CONTENT WARNING: contains elements of drug abuse, sexual assault and rape
24:37 – EX-ARM
40:05 – So I’m a Spider, So What?
43:34 – Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-
47:29 – Bungo Stray Dogs WAN! (and a rant on CR’s website layout)
50:42 – WAVE!! -Let’s Go Surfing-
52:38 – The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
56:53 – Armor Shop For Ladies & Gentlemen II
58:20 – Heaven’s Design Team
1:02:07 – I[STAR]CHU
1:02:55 – Idolls!
1:05:20 – Wixoss Diva(A)Live
1:09:31 – Cells at Work!! CODE BLACK
1:15:50 – Horimiya
1:25:14 – Wonder Egg Priority**
**MATURE CONTENT WARNING: contains themes involving abuse and teen suicide
1:40:14 – SK8 the Infinity
1:49:10 – Skate-Leading Stars
1:53:34 – 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team
1:58:29 – Gekidol
2:03:12 – Idoly Pride
2:04:29 – LBX Girls
2:09:03 – Scar on the Praeter
2:13:14 – Kemono Jihen
2:17:43 – Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
2:25:57 – Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki
2:29:26 – Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?
2:34:35 – Otherside Picnic
2:39:13 – Hortensia Saga
2:42:05 – Back Arrow
2:48:01 – best and worst wrap-up

additional audio from:
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Airflip – “Rise Again”
Riko Azuna – “keep weaving your spider way”
Spira Spica – “Pyramid Dai Gyakuten”
POLYSICS – “Hashire!”
Yoh Kamiyama – “Iro Kōsui”
Anemoneria – “Sudach no Uta”
Rude-A – “Paradise”
yama – “Paralysis”
Yuiko Ohara – “Tabitito no Uta”
CHiCO – “Minikui Ikimono”
LiSA – “dawn”
FantomenK – “Neo Geo”

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