Episode 92 – The Memories Remain!

Episode 92 - The Memories Remain!

Here are some hard realities of life that we all need to accept: Tom Brady is an eldritch god living among the humans, Hunter x Hunter and Berserk both have the same billion-to-one odds of ever coming back full-time, and nothing that any other studio makes could match the avant-garde glory that is Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1995 anthology film MEMORIES. Try as they might, very little can even stand in its league, and we caught the Discotek Media global dub premiere of the film and had some high praise all around for it. Definitely more praise than a more recent film that may be the reason why Hayao Miyazaki will never stay retired – another hard truth for all of us to accept. And we also spend a rather sizable amount of time going over some fresh dub casts for some excellent shows of the winter season (and Hidden Dungeon, also), a small batch of Netflix projects to go over and also dissect one such project’s very questionable name and marketing, and even dive deep into why we can’t find the second Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution film *anywhere.*

Sadly, there is no Metallica in this program. We can’t afford the rights and clearances.

Intro – Super Bowl and snow woes
10:16 – WWE, Peacock, and John Cena the MHA super-fan
13:07 – Skull Island and Tomb Raider “anime” projects in development at Netflix
20:46 – Sonic Prime confirmed for Netflix, coming 2022
25:40 – Pacific Rim: The Black dated for March 4
34:43 – Crunchyroll project “Dantai” in development with Sabrina and Idris Elba
39:13 – animated Game of Thrones project in early development at HBO Max
41:45 – Iyuno Media Group acquires SDI Media
45:27 – Ian James Corlett joins Yashahime as Miroku
50:45 – Tamayomi and Sakura Wars dub casts
58:47 – SK8 the Infinity dub cast
1:05:00 – Horimiya dub cast
1:13:20 – Crunchyroll winter dubs
1:26:41 – VLAD LOVE confirmed for Crunchyroll
1:28:20 – Ascendant Animation acquires The Titan’s Bride
1:31:31 – Black Clover back on Toonami, Food Wars S3 coming February 27
1:33:22 – Black Clover anime ending on March 31, future announcement to come
1:38:06 – Goblin Slayer S2 (TBA) and DanMachi S4 (2022) confirmed
1:40:00 – new Detective Conan movie getting global release in April
1:40:48 – Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 coming summer 2021
1:46:40 – movies now online: Given movie, For Whom the Alchemist Exists, Earwig and the Witch
1:52:55 – Evangelion Finally OST vinyl release pushed back to April
1:53:55 – Tiger Lab Vinyl teases Kaiji and Redline soundtracks for summer
1:54:35 – Kimagure Orange Road vinyl soundtrack imports coming in May
1:55:28 – PROMARE soundtrack on vinyl coming in April, Hiroyuki Sawano soundtracks now available digitally (Milan Records)
1:56:30 – Sentai acquires NANA and Karakuri Circus
2:03:20 – Sentai April home video slate
2:13:20 – Emma A Victorian Romance season 1 Blu-ray coming in May
2:16:06 – Viz May home video slate
2:19:08 – Memories film discussion

additional audio from:
Attack on Titan OST
Pacific Rim: The Black trailer
Memories OST

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