Episode 158 – The Heat of an Off Day!

Episode 158 - The Heat of an Off Day!

In Memory
“Bray Wyatt” Windham Rotunda

The summer heat is still lingering around and it’s affecting all of us in various ways. Namely, we were all a bit off on some things today, like forgetting certain voice actors’ roles or figuring out whether or not Sentai’s upcoming Familiar Of Zero rerelease has the season one dub because of website formatting. Here’s to cooler temperatures coming sooner for all of us because we could use it, but in the meantime we have some looks at the upcoming Scott Pilgrim series on Netflix, some updates for HiDive, some Shonen Jump updates for two of its bigger titles, and a fantastic series showing up on a very unexpected platform – at least it’s free, so there’s that.

Also, remember to pay your creditors what they’re owed in a timely fashion, VIC. You dumb stupid botox vampire.

intro – the whole world in his hands
6:01 – main stories
34:45 – announcements and updates
1:14:33 – home video releases

6:01 – yet another long-awaited LOLSUIT update
24:52 – Aniplex Online Fest set for September 10
27:32 – Black Clover moving to Jump GIGA Magazine
29:09 – thoughts on the recent MHA manga chapter
32:43 – My Hero Academia getting a fourth film
34:45 – Yamada Lv.999 English dub details
40:35 – Zom 100 dealing with some production issues and delays
43:44 – HiDive September updates and returning Sentai shows
56:22 – Grendizer U anime coming in 2024… with a big asterisk
1:00:53 – Kaiju No. 8 set for April
1:02:49 – Sound! Euphonium season 3 set for April
1:04:01 – Attack On Titan: The Final Season Part 3 (Part 1 (Of 2)) airing on Toonami September 9
1:06:37 – Netflix September updates
1:08:31 – how about that Scott Pilgrim trailer?
1:10:11 – BLUELOCK -Episode Nagi- coming this spring
1:10:34 – new Crunchyroll titles coming soon and older titles up now
1:12:33 – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex now on… The CW? (kinda)
1:14:33 – Eleven Arts: NOT DEAD
1:15:13 – Gundam titles from Rightstuf pushed to October
1:16:30 – Viz October and November releases (JJK, Boruto, Pokémon)
1:20:32 – Sentai November releases (The Familiar of Zero, DanMachi, Tsurune)
1:28:48 – Crunchyroll November releases (My Dress Up Darling, BLUELOCK, DBS: Super Hero 4K)

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