Bonus Episode: End the Crunchyroll Awards.

Bonus Episode: End the Crunchyroll Awards.

No jokes, no hyperbole, nothing over-exaggerated – this “awards show” needs to go away and never come back. The corporate overlords at Crunchyroll can put together all of the window dressing they want, but if these events are going to continue awarding themselves and ignoring what the people at AniTrendz and Anime Corner and r/anime put the time and research into awarding then they’ll be talked about in an equal manner – with corporate-focused cynicism and exhausted apathy with a whole bunch of “whatevers” to it. This bonus audio was recorded on a day off to just get the corporate nonsense from earlier this (Saturday) morning out of the way while also highlighting the Anime Corner and r/anime awards and honors for their much better and (usually) more thought-out selections. Go to the people and leave the corporations to the side.

We’ll be back next time to talk about more pressing matters involving Crunchyroll – namely, THAT interview from The Verge. It won’t be fun.

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