Episode 170 – The Pitfalls and Depths of the Industry, Consortium-Style!

Episode 170 - The Pitfalls and Depths of the Industry, Consortium-Style!

As of this episode going up, we’re in the middle of WrestleMania weekend, and that means many things to many people, and it means hoping that a certain someone finally “finishes his story” on Sunday so that we can all be done hearing about it. But for us, the grind continues as we put a bow on the winter season and lament the continued cannibalism of the anime industry with a tale of what happened the last time a company or two or three went under. It was a dark time. But we also have a recap of the major announcements from this year’s AnimeJapan, all the good and bad and “what is this” because we all don’t quite know everything new coming out, and also a case where ALL the monkey’s paws have curled in regards to Macross… and Disney.

Convention season has also begun, so play it smart and safe if you’re going to one.

intro – did you all stay up for Smiling Puppet Friends?
6:24 – the best and worst of the winter season
21:19 – main stories
45:15 – the AnimeJapan 2024 rundown
1:08:43 – other announcements
1:19:12 – home video releases

21:19 – Funimation is officially dead; a brief history of the 2007 home video crash*
36:37 – Apothecary Diaries creator indicted on charges of tax evasion
38:31 – Dragonball Super manga on indefinite hiatus
39:27 – GKIDS acquires four Mamoru Hosoda catalogue films for release
40:58 – Macross catalogue is headed to Disney+ later in 2024
44:31 – a new Sgt. Frog anime announced
45:15 – the annual AnimeJapan “MAKE THIS ANIME” poll results
48:39 – a lot of announcements from AnimeJapan
1:08:43 – a new MAPPA project with ZERO self-awareness
1:11:32 – Sentenced to Be a Hero anime format set
1:12:16 – I’m a Behemoth anime announced
1:13:39 – From Me to You season 3 set for August on Netflix
1:14:09 – The Apothecary Diaries and Tales of Wedding Rings return next year
1:14:28 – FYI: Urusei Yatsura is now on Crunchyroll
1:15:23 – Gundam SEED Freedom set for theaters in May
1:15:57 – SPY x FAMILY CODE: White screening this month
1:16:22 – Dirty Pair Kickstarter FINALLY set to deliver… this summer
1:17:37 – Gurren Lagann movies coming to 4K Blu-ray this year
1:19:12 – Monogatari Final Season Blu-ray set coming this month
1:20:57 – GKIDS June releases (Digimon, The First Slam Dunk)
1:22:01 – Viz May releases (Sailor Moon)
1:23:35 – Sentai June releases (Oshi No Ko)
1:24:22 – Crunchyroll June releases (Buddy Daddies, isekai)

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