Episode 171 – The Finished Stories, Both Good and Bad.

Episode 171 - The Finished Stories, Both Good and Bad.

Since our last episode, Cody Rhodes “finished the story” at WrestleMania to become the undisputed WWE Champion, and that’s good. Sadly, also since our last episode, the overlords at MAPPA decided to finish another story by axing a long-awaited movie project after years of nothing, and that’s bad. Things aren’t fun, right now, and with that comes a bit of a lull in everything as this is one of the quickest episodes we’ve done in a very long time – there’s some news about Embracer Group to talk about, some updates on that live-action One Punch Man movie project, some brief chatter about SPY x FAMILY Code: White, and talk of Netflix adding some more MANIME to their lineup next moth. Again, it’s a pretty quick show, but things should be a bit longer next time when we’re at full strength again.

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P.S. yes this thumbnail gag has been used before. Good memes remain good.

intro – “the story” is finished but life is still hard
10:00 – main stories
26:48 – announcements and updates
43:01 – home video releases

10:00 – Ice Adolescence is cancelled, nobody is happy
17:40 – the MAPPA exodus continues
19:46 – Embracer Group to split into three different companies
22:19 – some updates on AnimEigo
26:48 – Golden Axe to be a Comedy Central animated series?
28:11 – One Punch Man live action film gets new writers
30:43 – GKIDS gets Ghost in the Shell 2 theatrical rights
32:45 – Crunchyroll bringing more movies to theaters this year
34:37 – Hideaki Anno helming a 50th anniversary Space Battleship Yamato project
35:56 – Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf anime premiering next month on Netflix
37:21 – the trailer for Plus-Sized Elf is a bit… lacking
38:27 – the Look Back trailer more than delivers
40:24 – happy 30th to G Gundam
43:01 – Makoto Shinkai Blu-ray collection coming from Anime Limited (UK)
44:02 – about those Gurren Lagann 4K movies…
48:27 – Sentai July home video slate (Dark Gathering, School-Live!)
49:23 – Crunchyroll July home video slate (BOFURI, Soul Eater, vending machine isekai, Vinland Saga)
53:40 – Discotek July home video slate (Urusei Yatsura OVA, Futakoi Alternative)

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