Episode 104 – The Doublewide Train Trip: Revving Up! (Part 1)

Episode 104 - The Doublewide Train Trip: Revving Up! (Part 1)

Welcome aboard this double-episode train ride, where we have brought some friends along for the ride to partake in a scenic route journey with several big stops along the way. In this first of two episodes, a show that was quite literally TOO BIG to just be one, our good friend Sketch joins us as we take a look at the state of anime production in 2021 (hint: it’s not great), lament yet another film adaptation doomed for the pile of development hell, wonder when MAPPA will finally get some sleep when they’re not preparing the world for Chainsaw Man (and not a certain movie), and even discuss the merits of the reasons for an immediately-cancelled manga’s demise.

Stick around for the second half of this double episode, where we finally sit down and discuss a little movie called MUGEN TRAIN. And most importantly, *WATCH ODDTAXI.* It’s GOOD. And it won’t let you down unlike a certain show that turned rotten.

5:55 – let’s talk about anime production in 2021 (re: Record of Ragnarok and Crunchyroll)
30:09 – Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles game releasing in October
35:57 – Azuki manga service has launched
38:06 – Crunchyroll has “less censored” Demon Lord Omega episodes
39:21 – So I’m a Spider episode 24 was indefinitely delayed
42:37 – Saga of Tanya the Evil S2 confirmed
45:07 – Magia Record S2 premiering July 31, S3 end of 2021
47:32 – Fruits Basket finale thoughts
50:16 – Fruits Basket will continue with a new project
54:27 – Made in Abyss live-action film in early development
58:31 – GKIDS acquires The Deer King film (Production I.G.)
59:31 – Eleven Arts acquires the “final” final Gintama film
1:05:01 – a fifth Strike the Blood OVA is confirmed for… someone
1:05:34 – takt;op set for the fall season
1:11:28 – Chainsaw Man gets its PV and crew
1:19:43 – Mari Okada’s next film being helmed at MAPPA
1:22:27 – where is Ice Adolescence? (it’s currently vaporware)
1:26:57 – Netflix July drops
1:32:51 – sidebar: a Space Jam riff nobody wanted
1:36:33 – Dr. Stone (subtitled) coming to HBO Max on July 7
1:39:31 – Funimation expanding further into South America
1:39:59 – The Stranger By the Shore (Umibe no Etranger) coming to FunimationNow on July 9
1:46:33 – another set of random pulls for Tubi
1:52:20 – Fena: Pirate Princess trailer shown at Annecy, coming this summer
1:56:48 – the tale of the “revenge isekai” manga that was immediately cancelled
2:08:00 – Anime Lockdown 2021 happening next weekend
2:09:54 – Sentai acquires TSUKIPRO 2 and Getter Robo Arc for summer
2:13:00 – Evangelion 3.333 4K Blu-ray releasing in Japan in August
2:14:49 – Naruto Blu-ray set 4 releasing on August 24
2:17:50 – The Ultraman 1979 anime coming to DVD in September
2:20:06 – Sentai September home video slate (Magical Girl Site, To Love Ru Darkness 2)
2:24:57 – Funimation September home video slate (The Gymnastics Samurai, Assault Lily Bouquet, Robotech)

additional audio from:
DankPods – Cashies Special Vol. 3
Chainsaw Man PV

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