Episode 114 – The Dirty Pair Return!

Episode 114 - The Dirty Pair Return!

As the fall season begins and as we start taking our notes on the season at large, we have a good bit on the docket for this show – NYCC events, an update on the Cowboy Bebop rollout on Netflix, a sudden delay for… uh, an *interesting* show for the fall season, and a Kickstarter project well worth your time for checking out: DIRTY PAIR on Blu-ray with a new English dub for the classic 1985 TV series. And it’s guaranteed to deliver a much stronger performance than Comcast does with their internet service. Here’s to hoping we’re back at full strength for next time.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Dirty Pair Kickstarter, you can do so here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/160939828/lets-dub-the-dirty-pair-tv-series

intro: Comcast and culture wars suck
10:11 – the passing of EDENS ZERO’s episode director
16:30 – Crunchyroll and Fuji TV partnering up for +Ultra titles
21:54 – Funimation and Crunchyroll are sharing Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen
24:41 – World’s End Harem punted to January ONE DAY before broadcast
30:40 – Tales of Luminara mobile game getting anime from Kamikaze Douga
41:56 – Cowboy Bebop Netflix update
44:18 – Cowboy Bebop back on Adult Swim VOD
45:02 – Toonami schedule updates for the rest of October
50:40 – ICYMI: Naruto soundtracks are now available on DSPs
51:41 – Poupelle of Chimney Town dub cast revealed
58:47 – Evangelion: Death and The End of Evangelion headed to UK theaters in November
1:00:45 – Laid-Back Camp film previewed
1:02:44 – The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 anime coming in 2022
1:04:16 – Log Horizon 2 now on FunimationNow
1:05:44 – Yuki Yuna weekly drops on HiDive
1:07:31 – ODD TAXI Blu-ray preorder campaign finishes with over 6,000 orders
1:08:45 – Dirty Pair Blu-ray and English dub Kickstarter launched by Rightstuf
1:20:07 – RetroCrush October additions
1:22:47 – Adult Swim at NYCC (Blade Runner, Shenmue)
1:25:56 – NYCC’s best and worst manga selections
1:37:17 – Chainsaw Man and Rumiko Takahashi given Harvey Awards honors
1:41:03 – Critical Role animated series coming to Amazon Prime Video
1:45:11 – Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film trailer revealed
1:52:48 – Funimation first theatrical plans for 2022
1:56:47 – Yen Press upcoming book titles
2:03:32 – Viz Media summer 2022 book titles
2:19:55 – High Guardian Spice FINALLY dated for October 26
2:31:08 – BONUS: Toei partnering with CJ Entertainment for future projects

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