Episode 113 – The Dumbfounding Digi/Demon Disappointment.

Episode 113 - The Dumbfounding Digi/Demon Disappointment.

The fall season is upon us, and with it comes the end of one disappointing series and the disappointing reveal of a returning favorite, all to the dismay and bewilderment of the dais of this program. But it’s not all doom and gloom, as there are plenty of details for some upcoming Netflix projects to discuss, be it good or bad or even cautiously optimistic, some upcoming theatrical rollouts planned for the end of the year and the start of next year, some choice home video offerings to close out the year with, and a Gintama movie dub cast that seems to be the best of both worlds for fans all around. Be ready for an eventful October for this program, there’s plenty to come throughout the month with the fall season kicking off this weekend.

And there’s nowhere to go but up for Digimon now, because Tai has to go now. His planet needs him.

In Memoriam
French Tickner – 1930-2021
Takao Saito – 1936-2021

intro – New Game’s good non-coward ending
5:00 – RIP Eiichi Yamamoto
7:01 – Digimon Adventure 2020: the show where Tai is Poochie
17:19 – Demon Slayer season 2 broadcast details FINALLY revealed
29:25 – ufotable. founder formally admits to tax evasion
31:03 – sidebar: last week’s Nintendo Direct
32:44 – more info on the Netflix Cowboy Bebop series revealed
43:50 – Gintama: The VERY FINAL movie dub cast revealed, premiering at NYCC
50:17 – Future Boy Conan dub cast revealed, 4K UHD Blu-ray release planned for the UK
59:09 – live-action Knights of the Zodiac film cast leads revealed
1:01:17 – Eleven Arts acquires Poupelle of Chimney Town
1:02:14 – GKIDS acquires Pompo the Cinephile
1:03:13 – My Hero Academia season 6 announced
1:07:17 – Science Fell in Love S2 and Irregular S3 announced
1:11:34 – Super Crooks anime coming in November to Netflix
1:14:21 – Aggretsuko S4 confirmed for December
1:17:04 – Drifting Home original film (Studio Colorido) coming to Netflix in 2022
1:20:13 – My Next Life as a Villainess film coming soon
1:22:06 – a pair of… unique sci-fi romance anime films coming in 2022
1:27:05 – Black Rock Shooter sequel anime announced for 2022
1:28:39 – new Gundam projects starting in 2022
1:30:44 – Adult Swim panels at NYCC
1:31:28 – Sentai and TMS hosting a theatrical Lupin event in October
1:34:47 – Belle placeholder theatrical listing set for January
1:35:47 – Boruto and Fate/Grand Order home video listings
1:44:09 – Funimation December home video slate (Mugen Train, Robotech)
1:47:21 – Discotek December home video slate (Project A-Ko, Robot Carnival 4K)
1:49:48 – Sentai December home video slate (Alice in Borderland, steelbooks, DanMachi S3)

additional audio from:
Highschool of the Dead

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