Episode 136 – The Summertime Prequel to the Fall! (Season 10 Finale)

Episode 136 - The Summertime Prequel to the Fall! (Season 10 Finale)

Yeah, the whole “numbered seasons” gimmick is still going. Couldn’t tell you why, it’s just an organizational thing. And speaking of seasons, the summer season is in full swing, even if it’s a bit “ehhhhh” in comparison to others, but maybe that’s by design because of what’s coming up in the fall. Namely, TOO MUCH. But until then, we have a more lax summer season to discuss, weaving through some more average titles to find some diamonds in the dull rough, conspicuously sitting next to a more stacked roast pile than usual. Spend some time catching up on the backlog before the fall season starts, trust us.

intro – a hilarious LOLsuit update (and other updates)
7:31 – spring leftovers
16:12 – the good sequel seasons (Made in Abyss, Shadows House, The Devil is a Part-Timer!)
47:15 – the roast pile (Harem Labyrinth, Black Summoner, Rent-a-Girlfriend S2, Biscuit Hammer)
1:09:46 – the new shows worth watching (Uncle From Another World, BASTARD!!, FUUTO PI, Lycoris Recoil)
1:55:03 – everything else (Luminous Witches, My Isekai Life, Engage Kiss, Vermeil in Gold)

good sequels:
16:12 – The Devil is a Part-Timer! S2
20:41 – Classroom of the Elite S2
24:23 – Overlord S4
26:04 – Made In Abyss S2
35:31 – DanMachi S4
38:31 – Dropkick on My Devil!!! X
41:35 – Love Live! Superstar!! S2
43:26 – Shadows House S2
44:35 – Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac S2

new shows:
1:09:45 – BASTARD!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy
1:14:58 – YUREI DECO
1:19:51 – RWBY: Ice Queendom
1:22:50 – FUUTO PI
1:26:40 – Call of the Night
1:31:16 – Lycoris Recoil
1:34:31 – Uncle From Another World
1:39:10 – Phantom of the Idol
1:42:11 – The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting
1:44:56 – Parallel World Pharmacy
1:49:19 – Tokyo Mew Mew New

themes from:
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Made in Abyss
BASTARD!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy
Call of the Night
Lycoris Recoil
Uncle From Another World
Tokyo Mew Mew New

additional audio from:
Panty & Stocking
The Room

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