Movie Night: Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero

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Movie Night: Dragon Ball Super - Super Hero

Back at it a bit too long since our last special movie episode, it’s time to take in the bombastic and earth-shattering awe of the latest anime blockbuster in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! Witness the glory of domesticated Piccolo, the cuteness of young Pan, what Wario would sound like as a mob boss and what Tanjiro would sound like as a mad scientist, and the greatest (or dumbest, perspective will vary) version of Gohan yet.

intro – movies, movies, and more movies
6:19 – DBS: Super Hero – our experiences and early skepticism
22:12 – Act 1: mob boss Wario, domesticated Piccolo, and best girl Pan
53:56 – Act 2: a disconnected B-plot and Gohan in the zone
1:49:07 – parting thoughts

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
IMPACT Wrestling

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