Episode 139 – Attack of the Killer Chainsaws!

Episode 139 - Attack of the Killer Chainsaws!

The fall season has begun, and Chainsaw Man Tuesdays are here to make your work week that much more enjoyable – and insane. And before we begin our deep dive on the seasonal offerings, we have some happenings from New York Comic-Con to go over, some more adventures in paywalled internet content from both sides of the Atlantic, updates on stories from our last show, and some lighter levity in the end to balance things out. Negativity can only go so far, there needs to be some dick jokes included for a few laughs.

Speaking of laughs, don’t sleep on Urusei Yatsura Thursdays. It’s where the cooler kids are hanging out.

5:26 – main stories
1:04:02 – New York Comic-Con
1:34:17 – new anime announcements
1:42:54 – everything else
1:55:34 – home video talk

intro – welcome to Chainsaw Man Tuesdays
5:26 – more details on Kazuki Takahashi passing revealed
9:44 – updates on the Kadokawa bribery scandal
13:32 – Kyle McCarley talks #JustAMeeting with Cartoon Cypher
31:32 – Netflix acquires the upcoming Black Clover movie
42:54 – several shows removed entirely from Adult Swim
46:39 – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai dub available in the UK
49:45 – Bleach: only on Hulu (and… elsewhere)
1:04:42 – Chainsaw Man: two-time Harvey Award winner
1:06:02 – New York Comic-Con happened
1:12:38 – Crunchyroll and Viz NYCC panel announcements
1:34:17 – Kingdom S5 coming January 2024
1:35:08 – DanMachi S4 resumes in January
1:35:43 – The Devil is a Part-Timer! S3 coming 2023
1:36:47 – My Home Hero anime coming spring 2023
1:37:42 – Shy anime coming 2023
1:41:14 – The Great Cleric anime announced, coming TBA
1:42:54 – Fruits Basket -prelude- and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry now on Crunchyroll
1:44:21 – third and final part of Stone Ocean dropping in December on Netflix
1:46:00 – Golden Kamuy character “sizes” confirmed
1:50:17 – Chainsaw Man: a cinephile’s dream OP
1:53:34 – Discotek Day happening October 24
1:55:34 – Evangelion 3.0+1.11 home video release in Japan set for March
1:56:16 – Nov/Dec home video releases (Ascendant, Aniplex, GKIDS)
1:59:28 – Discotek December 27 releases

additional audio from:
Dragonball Z
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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