Episode 138 – The Fangs of Big Business (#JustAMeeting)

Episode 138 - The Fangs of Big Business (#JustAMeeting)

With the fall season upon us, commencing in mere hours, the back half of September has been assessing the good and bad of big platforms – sometimes you get really great news, but more often than not you get really awful news. And in rare cases, said awful news could easily be avoided if not for taking the “scenic route” and burning several bridges in the process. Yes, we’re an opinionated show, but that opinionated nature comes from passion, as you will hear in our near-30 minute long diatribe about… well, you know. But there’s more to it, as we have a slew of reveals from the Aniplex Online Fest and Netflix “TUDUM” events to go over, some interesting projects in the pipeline for 2023, and some good old fashioned nonsense and stupidity at the end.

The fall season is about to begin. PACE yourselves. It’s not a sprint.

(Mob art courtesy of @clay_s_s)

intro – pouring one out after a rough week
7:13 – main stories
53:13 – new anime announcements
2:01:24 – everything else
2:13:13 – home video roundup (Crunchyroll, Sentai)

7:13 – Kadokawa chairman arrested on suspicion of bribery
13:19 – Chainsaw Man dub cast leads revealed, premiering at NYCC
19:27 – let’s talk about Crunchyroll and unions
47:48 – Urusei Yatsura coming to HiDive
53:13 – Aniplex Online Fest upcoming series reveals (ATRI, NieR: Automata, Fate’strange Fake)
1:30:15 – Netflix TUDUM anime/animated project reveals (Moonrise, Oniusha, Aggretsuko S5)
1:46:24 – Hikari no Ō series coming in January from Junji Nishimura and Mamoru Oshii
1:48:41 – Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye crossover coming 2023 to Amazon Prime
1:51:55 – Mecha-Ude anime series to be in production
1:53:57 – My Dress-Up Darling and Girlfriend, Girlfriend second seasons in production
1:57:33 – is a Genshin Impact anime happening?
2:01:24 – Evangelion 3.0+1.01 coming to US theaters in December
2:02:15 – the stupid saga of the all-in-one “ONEPIECE” book
2:05:21 – Robotech on Beta, available at the CR store
2:08:01 – here lies GONZO, a company all but dead
2:10:00 – more stuff you can watch for free (Poupelle of Chimney Town, Lupin, B’t X)
2:13:13 – Crunchyroll December home video slate (My Villain ACademia, Demon Slayer, Vanitas)
2:19:48 – Sentai December home video slate (Carole & Tuesday)

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