Episode 14 – “You Gotta Loooooove Crazy Chicks!”

Episode 14 - "You Gotta Loooooove Crazy Chicks!"

Fresh off the Superb Owl’s givings and droppings, we have a packed show for you all! We discuss the impending return of TOKYOPOP, plenty of DanMachi goodness coming from Sentai, Duelist’s trip to the movies, dates for Netflix’s latest exclusives coming in March, and we top it all off with our initial reactions to the crazed madness that is Kakegurui! Also, there are plenty of Ouran Host Club mentions to be had. That’s a good show, too, you all should watch it.

2:52 – Jet’s back! What is he watching?
13:07 – TOKYOPOP is… back?
20:13 – How much the Oscars (still) suck with animated films
26:57 – Duelist’s movie report
38:37 – Sentai’s May product slate
44:30 – Upcoming Netflix exclusives w/ partnership announced
53:12 – Hiro Mashima teases new work
55:01 – Log Horizon novels returning?
58:03 – Devilman Crybaby’s SWANK Japanese Release
1:00:19 – Oban Star Racers on Blu-ray, interested? – https://obanstarracers.com/news/bluray-project/
1:04:55 – Making sense of this whole Dragon Maid OVA drama
1:12:50 – More Aniplex dubs on Crunchyroll and Hulu
1:15:28 – Re:ZERO slated for home video in the UK
1:19:40 – Attack on Titan S3… on the NHK?
1:21:50 – A Back to the Future manga?
1:23:40 – Kakegurui initial reactions

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Duelist – @HeartofSword75, youtube.com/DuelistG

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