Episode 13 – The Wintertime Buffet! (Season 2 Premiere)

Episode 13 - The Wintertime Buffet! (Season 2 Premiere)

Well, we are BACK in a big way, with the biggest show to date, talking the wacky and insane cornucopia that is Devilman Crybaby, the loss of Anime Strike (bye Felicia), the 2nd annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Funimation’s latest, ahem, soaking hot film acquisitions, and a LOT of time diving into the winter season. Get ready for a marathon, as we are joined by our good friend Sketch for our return show and the start of “season 2” of PodcastONA!

Jet will be back next time, don’t worry. And future shows won’t be this long, either, hopefully.

This episode’s timestamps:
8:05 – Devilman Crybaby discussion
26:24 – Anime Strike is DEAD
29:00 – Tiger & Bunny’s new anime
32:27 – Netflix and Violet Evergarden
35:07 – Crunchyroll Anime Awards nominees
51:19 – Dragonball Super ending/on hiatus
53:42 – Viz acquires 2018 Captain Tsubasa anime
56:39 – Funimation’s April product slate and film acquisitions
1:01:41 – Discotek Day!
1:03:46 – Negima! goes from Funimation to Sentai
1:07:16 – Lupin Part 5 details
1:10:48 – The Anime Buffet: Winter 2018 Edition

Where to find us:
Alex – @AuraOfAzure
Andy – @MangaMan9000, youtube.com/DubTalk
Duelist – @HeartofSword75, youtube.com/DuelistG
Sketch – @Sketch1984, soundcloud.com/toonamifaithfulpodcast

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