Episode 15 – “Beware the Monkey’s Paw! Beware!”

Episode 15 - "Beware the Monkey's Paw! Beware!"

Well, we had a bit of a slower cycle for this show, so we ran through quite a bit of topics, from a plethora of film announcements to Crunchyroll’s latest givings and reported givings-back, to a terrible case of someone wishing on a monkey’s paw. And there were plenty of sidebars to be had. It’s definitely a “casual” show, so sit back and enjoy the conversations to be had, everyone!

Also, along with YouTube, this show is FINALLY on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Links here:
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1:49 – PodcastONA now on iTunes and Google Play!
2:48 – The monkey’s paw of the live-action SAO
8:56 – Discotek: DVD or SD-BD?
12:11 – Sidebar: random DVD talk and Yuri on Ice’s limited edition now out of print
15:21 – Yuri on Ice at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics
21:07 – Funimation May product slate
26:19 – Sidebar: Pop Team Epic talk
27:16 – Funimation may have Gundam Build Divers?
30:06 – Viz Media branching out
34:41 – Anime Limited (UK) licenses Kakegurui
35:34 – Studio Ghibli movies back in theaters
36:20 – Sidebar: movie theater regrets
37:30 – GKIDS acquires Mirai of the Future
39:09 – Initial D films coming to theaters
40:25 – Funimation acquires Big Fish & Begonia
42:55 – Yuri on Ice (TV) gets theatrical screenings across Latin America
45:07 – Gundam AGE dated for home video
46:28 – FLCL 2+3 info coming at C2E2
48:44 – Sidebar: Cyborg 009 home video update
50:04 – Tatsuki’s new show announced
51:19 – The Garden of Sinners now on Crunchyroll
53:10 – Crunchyroll’s $100 million royalty give-backs
55:35 – Cool Time (where we talk about random stuff)

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