Episode 148 – The Crunchyroll APATHY Awards: Corporate Edition.

Episode 148 - The Crunchyroll APATHY Awards: Corporate Edition.

“It’s almost like big companies make the worst crap.” – Wade “DankPods” Nixon

We try to move past the Crunchyroll Anime Awards show thing, and every year we find ourselves sinking deeper and deeper into its aura of apathy. We don’t criticize these events out of a place of bad faith or spite, we do it because we know this company can be so much better, but it seems like wishing for the best isn’t what’s best for business because these shows keep happening. At least we have more fun and more well-researched awards things from AniTrendz and r/anime, if you can believe it. And to go along with all of that, we have another case of LOST MEDIA being discovered after nearly 10 years with a once-deleted Evangelion movie dub, Boruto going on break because Pierrot needs it, a double dose of Mononoke that happened recently, and we even pop some champagne in honor of a cult charlatan “transcending” to “the other world.” As we do.

intro – stand-up lamentations and cinema prestige
11:33 – main stories
1:06:13 – announcements and updates
1:18:00 – the good and fun awards shows
1:35:14 – the CR anime awards… thing
2:20:36 – Discotek May 30th releases

11:33 – rip in piss El Cantare (Happy Science)
19:13 – HiDive signs a big distribution deal with MBS television
27:50 – Crunchyroll… gets a Sony Bravia TV remote button
30:59 – Sony Music Japan record label concerts and music videos now on Crunchyroll
35:32 – Toonami schedule update
39:20 – Boruto anime going on indefinite break, Naruto anniversary episodes announced
43:28 – a not-great update on Stars Align
47:19 – the original Funimation Evangelion 3.33 dub has been found
55:08 – Digimon Adventure 2020 dub supposedly set for spring
57:17 – Urusei Yatsura 2022 dub now on HiDive
1:02:21 – the Mononoke English dub mystery is solved… thanks to Netflix
1:06:13 – Mononoke anime film postponed
1:10:26 – Shy anime confirmed for 2023
1:11:04 – Akuma-kun set for fall on Netflix
1:12:01 – the vending machine isekai set for summer
1:13:34 – Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime details revealed
1:18:00 – Anime Trending 2023 awards winners
1:25:44 – r/anime 2023 awards winners
1:35:14 – the CR anime awards… thing
2:12:44 – the state of Crunchyroll in 2023
2:20:36 – Discotek May 30th releases

additional audio from:
The Wizard of Oz
Green Day – “Ha Ha You’re Dead”
Evangelion 3.33

EVA 3.33 comparisons c/o Cartoon Cypher: Google Docs link

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