Episode 147 – The Galactic Legacy!

Episode 147 - The Galactic Legacy!

Some shows have a central theme that dictate how the rest of the episode will play out, and some shows don’t have a real theme to it and are just a hodgepodge of “stuff” to talk about. This is the latter, as we discuss the legacy of Leiji Matsumoto and some questionable future plans from Toei, more continued production delays, whatever this new Zoids project is, and another round of “internet translators are loud and annoying and need to let the adults work” – as one does, you see. Also, PLUTO IS ALMOST HERE.

Next time, it’s the CR Anime Awards. Which means we’ll be talking about the r/anime awards instead.

intro – Deku’s mood music and no “theme” for this show
5:47 – main stories
1:21:28 – announcements and updates
1:41:08 – home video releases (May/June)

5:47 – RIP Leiji Matsumoto
8:55 – Toei future plans announced in wake of president’s passing
15:23 – sidebar: about this AI trend…
18:10 – PLUTO ON NETFLIX THIS YEAR (we hope)
30:49 – Crunchyroll Expo on pause for this year
33:01 – CR Anime Awards guests announced
39:13 – more producution delays from Aniplex and others (Misfit of Demon King Academy, Technoroid Overmind, Bofuri)
43:09 – Black Clover movie delayed to June
46:46 – Masamune-kun’s Revenge R delayed to summer
47:48 – NEW(ish) Detective Conan DUB episodes are on Tubi
1:01:16 – One Piece #590 crossover episode airing on Toonami next weekend
1:11:34 – Viz has free anime on YouTube
1:13:46 – TAAF Awards winners announced
1:15:06 – the issue with NisiOisin’s Cipher Academy manga
1:21:28 – Attack On Titan: The Final Season Part 3 (Part 1 of 2) premieres next Friday (March 3)
1:23:20 – MIX 2nd season starts in April
1:24:50 – The Eminence in Shadow season 2 announced
1:27:18 – Uma Musume season 3 coming this year
1:28:14 – more Lycoris Recoil announced
1:29:59 – The Apothecary Diaries anime FINALLY announced
1:35:21 – Slime Time season 4 set for spring 2024
1:37:47 – there’s a new Zoids… something
1:41:08 – Sentai June home video releases (My Isekai Life, Made in Abyss S2)
1:48:12 – Crunchyroll May home video releases (Violet Evergarden movie 4K, Tomodachi Game, Restaurant to Another World S2)
2:00:03 – Media Blasters has A THING

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