Episode 22 – The Not-So-Salty Spittoon!

Episode 22 - The Not-So-Salty Spittoon!

In a week where there has been loads of salt going all around, be it from films like Solo, the NBA Finals, or the latest Pokémon games being announced, here we stand with more mild and reasonable takes than one would expect. But that’s just who we are, and we’re here to go through the usual gambit of upcoming releases from Sentai and Discotek, with some rather interesting licenses announced by Discotek as well, and we add to that fun with some rumors about the still-upcoming Yuri on Ice film, the top-selling LNs and manga of 2018 (so far), the worst-kept secret in the industry with the announcement of The Promised Neverland’s upcoming anime, and we add a new segment to the show where anime and video games collide: ONA.exe, talking all about Pokémon for Switch and the salt therein.

Also, there is a discussion about, and clips of, Angel Cop. You have been warned.

3:07 – An opening diatribe about Unlimited Blade Works
9:20 – The Promised Neverland anime FINALLY announced
23:10 – Discotek @ MomoCon
36:11 – Sentai September slate
42:51 – GKIDS acquires Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter
43:56 – Eden’s Zero revealed (Hiro Mashima)
46:35 – Yuri on Ice movie rumor roundup (c/o denkimouse)
49:43 – First cast members for High Speed -Free! Starting Days- dub announced
52:41 – Adult Swim announces The Pillows US tour
53:55 – Attack on Titan S3 world premiere in US theaters in July
58:17 – Top-selling manga and LNs for 2018 (so far)
1:10:35 – (new segment) ONA.exe: all the Pokémon salt/news

Additional audio from:
”Double the Bits” by TeknoAXE
“Last Dinosaur” by The Pillows
Angel Cop

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