Episode 23 – Don’t Lose Your Way, Games!

Episode 23 - Don't Lose Your Way, Games!

Coming off the heels of a pretty packed E3, we’ve got a fine middle-month show for you all, with some new releases coming out, a bit of E3 stuff of interest, the saga of one series’ cancellation, some shows that are quickly going out of print, and some early news about a KILL la KILL video game as well! And if the fights between Ryuko and Satsuki will be anything like the fight between Sony and Epic Games (re: Fortnite cross-play issues), then I’m sure it’ll be a bloodbath of a fighter.

It’s been a game-centric news cycle, cut me a little bit of slack. And enjoy the show, of course.

3:18 – a very quick E3 roundup
29:27 – KILL la KILL video game coming 2019 (details to come at AX)
31:58 – Pop Team Epic coming to Toonami
37:13 – K-On! Blu-ray box set announced (Sentai)
39:10 – Production IMS: Bankrupt
40:51 – Black Clover release plans
44:27 – Discotek Media August releases and new licenses
53:04 – Studio Engi established (Kadokawa, Sammy)
53:56 – The Rose of Versailles rights lapsed (Nozomi)
55:58 – HiDive gone from iOS?
57:37 – Aniplex rights-revoking update: Black Butler II, Shiki, No.6
1:00:24 – Shaman King now in the hands of Kodansha
1:02:44 – My Hero Academia movie and AoT season 3 to premiere at AX
1:04:37 – Metropolis Blu-ray update, new Steelbook release
1:07:20 – Netflix renews B: The Beginning for second season
1:08:37 – The Saga of [New Life+] Young Again In Another World’s Cancellation
1:15:37 – “Genndy Tartakovski’s Primal” trademarked to Cartoon Network

Additional music from:
“Don’t Think Twice” by Utada Hikaru
“Before My Body is Dry” by Mika Kobayashi (Arr. Hiroyuki Sawano)

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