Quite the startling title, I know, but listen to our talk of the best-sellers of 2018 (so far) and you’ll understand. Alas, we’ve got a good bit of stuff to get to before we hunker down and fire-proof the newsroom before Anime Expo happens, such as some questionable issues with the Re:ZERO Blu-ray release, some long-awaited confirmations, some sweet and killer home video sets coming in the fall, and even a trip down memory lane with a certain movie all about fusions. All of that and more, do tune in and enjoy!

(A few additional notes about this show: due to some personal circumstances on my end, this show came out way later than intended; apologies for that. Also, we had some drop-outs in this show, mainly with Jet and Duelist; the first post-ending music clip has the moment of the mic drop-out. We also had an off-air talk about Funimation’s Anime Expo premiere offerings during the recording that was kept in, at the very end of this show, solely because I just felt like keeping our raw reactions in.)

4:26 – FLCL Progressive consensus (so far)
8:50 – Dragonball Super at 8pm on Adult Swim – on weeknights
13:40 – best-selling discs and franchises in Japan in 2018 (so far)
36:37 – JoJo Part V anime confirmed!
38:09 – Konosuba movie confirmed!
39:29 – Funi September slate
47:24 – Sentai October slate
52:12 – AT&T buying out Otter Media?
54:35 – Shikioriri update w/ Netflix
55:58 – something big to Anime Expo this way comes…
58:51 – Re:ZERO Blu-ray problems?
1:02:01 – ONA.exe: Tokyo Ghoul:re gets a PS4 game… for some reason…
1:04:22 – AsianCrush streams The Twelve Kingdoms anime
1:05:20 – FathomEvents brings DBZ movies/specials to theaters
1:11:13 – best and worst shows of the spring season

Additional music from:
“The Precession of the Equinoxes in the Inverted Alps” by Azureflux (c/o freemusicarchive.org)
“10’s” by Pantera (RIP Vinnie Paul)
“Superstar” by Saliva
“Stupify” by Disturbed
“Through Her Eyes” by Dream Theater (this was the American closing theme to The History of Trunks – yes, really)

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