Episode 27 – The B-Team Arrives! (For One Show Only)

Episode 27 - The B-Team Arrives! (For One Show Only)

Well… this is certainly something. Due to some outside scheduling conflicts, the usual crew weren’t available to take part in our latest episode, so, in a unique turn of events, a “B-Team” of sorts was amassed and brought together to talk about the latest goings-on in the world of anime, be it another case of media consolidation, some announcements of upcoming shows and movies, and the big reveals laid out at Otakon, along with plenty more shenanigans to ensue in the process.

It’s certainly the most unique show we’ve ever done, at least.

6:31 – Crunchyroll: A WarnerMedia Company
11:24 – two new Ghost in the Shell TV anime seasons coming soon
15:47 – Vinland Saga anime confirmed for 2019
19:19 – One Punch Man S2 confirmed for spring 2019
23:04 – Sirius the Jaeger and Hi Score Girl coming to Netflix in December
24:20 – El Hazard sequel pilot to be crowdfunded?
25:37 – Sentai Filmworks November slate
31:23 – Sound! Euphonium S1 available digitally by… Funimation?
34:19 – three Osamu Tezuka anime now on Amazon
36:47 – Toonami now starting at 10pm (Squad vs. United vs. Faithful)
44:20 – Akira 30th anniversary limited edition box set coming to Australia
48:13 – Captain Tsubasa on… Primo TV
52:08 – the upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho OVA previewed
56:04 – upcoming Pokémon movie coming to theaters stateside in November
59:47 – GKIDS acquires Perfect Blue, coming to theaters stateside in September*
1:01:45 – GKIDS releasing Mirai of the Future in November*
1:03:58 – Fate/Grand Order TV and film projects coming 2019*
1:04:33 – new Digimon Adventure film project coming soon
1:05:45 – Otakon announcements

*some of the audio was lost and was re-edited as concisely as possible

Additional audio from:
Super Duper Sumos
Pop Team Epic
Captain Tsubasa (Primo TV)
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo (Toonami)
“Shitstorm” by Strapping Young Lad

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