Episode 26 – The Summertime (Diet) Buffet! (Season 3 Premiere)

Episode 26 - The Summertime (Diet) Buffet! (Season 3 Premiere)

Well, we’re deep into the summer offerings, which means we’re back to give our taste of the good, the bad, and the indifferent in our seasonal sampling segment – and thankfully for all of us, it’s not quite as packed as spring was. Consider this more of a diet buffet, if anything. And we have a few bit of news offerings to go through as well, with some upcoming releases from both Funimation and Discotek, news about when we’ll be getting the MHA and Broly movies stateside, and what’s this about Anime Midstream coming back into the foray?

Also, enjoy the new ORIGINAL music beats crafted just for this show. Stay tuned for more, maybe?

4:45 – FUNimation October slate
15:28 – brief thoughts on “Burn the Witch”
18:25 – Discotek releases for September 25th
23:20 – Anime Midstream: Back with B’t X in August
28:45 – Broly movie details
36:47 – Evangelion 3.0+1.0 FINALLY coming out in 2020?
39:04 – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes coming stateside starting September 25th
43:19 – Viz’s announcements at SDCC (Castlevania, Urusei Yatsura manga, Boruto on Toonami starting 9/29)
49:06 – brief thoughts on FLCL Progressive
57:10 – The Anime Buffet: Summer 2018

Our recommended shows for summer:
Grand Blue Dreaming (Amazon)
Revue Starlight (HiDive)
Cells at Work (Crunchyroll)
Planet With (Crunchyroll)
Asabi Asobase -workshop of fun- (Crunchyroll)
Free! -Dive to the Future- (FUNimation)
Hanebado (FUNimation)
Attack on Titan S3 (FUNimation)

Additional audio from:
B’t X Trailer (Sound Cadence Studios)
“Found & Lost” by Survive Said the Prophet

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