Episode 28 – Conan Versus Conan! (And To Hell With Discourse Already)

Episode 28 - Conan Versus Conan! (And To Hell With Discourse Already)

After some time away from these podcasting duties, the full crew is back to get into the swing of things once again, with plenty of news stuff to talk about, from the usual upcoming home video releases to the exhausting “controversy” regarding Ellation Studios’ first project, and even to the weird with more Yamakan chicanery and a late-night “feud” escalating to big heights – it all makes sense in context, trust me.

Also, there are tangents galore in this show. Enjoy the endless sidebars.

3:39 – Jet & Andy’s AnimeFest Adventure
13:32 – The “Controversy” of Ellation Studios (and a good bit of ranting)
29:06 – RIP Ishizuka Unshou and Momoko Sakura
31:32 – Funimation November slate (and tangents galore)
1:00:07 – Sentai December slate & Sentai licenses Dive!!
1:08:16 – LOGH Blu-ray issues?
1:12:58 – Fireworks out 11/20 from GKIDS and Shout Factory
1:14:05 – Beyblade DVDs coming 11/13 from… Cinedigm?
1:14:37 – Sound! Euphonium UK Blu-ray back on?
1:15:54 – Twitch Presents: The Biggest Pokémon Marathon
1:19:37 – Boruto and Pokémon get new TV Tokyo timeslots
1:21:32 – Netflix additions in September and October
1:25:58 – Penguin Highway premiering at Crunchyroll Expo (Eleven Arts)
1:27:05 – One Piece 20th Anniversary film coming 2019
1:29:00 – Conan Edogawa versus… Conan O’Brien?
1:35:21 – Yamakan acting up again
1:39:14 – Endless Eight 88-hour marathon

Additional audio from:
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
South Park
Duelist’s fake Angel Links Toonami intro
JonTron – “Foodfight!”
Sakura-Con 2009 Commercial
Beavis & Butt-Head
“Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo
Conan (TBS)

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