Episode 43 – Chiitan and Cyborg 009 Had a One-Night Stand in Boston???

Episode 43 - Chiitan and Cyborg 009 Had a One-Night Stand in Boston???

A startling episode title, I know, but it’s just an amalgamation of some of our points of discussion for this show. We don’t really have a main focus, it’s just one of those “stuff happened” kind of shows, but it’s chock full of goodness for all to enjoy. And be sure to enjoy the full return of the timestamps, as well! The producer figured out what went wrong with them before, and now they’re back and better than ever.

Navigation Guide:
1:56 – Andy’s Anime Boston adventure
17:31 – The passings of Monkey Punch and Kazuo Koike
18:51 – Blue Lynx film label (Fuji TV) announced with first film
24:58 – Violet Evergarden film dated and teaser trailer released
26:19 – KonoSuba movie and Free! S3 compilation film dated
27:20 – TV Tokyo/Kemono Friends producer’s burner account revealed
31:37 – Vinland Saga episode length revealed and PV released
32:52 – Spice & Wolf VR anime coming in June
35:58 – Code Geass coming to Netflix
37:45 – Lupin Part V coming to Toonami in June
41:19 – Gundam The Origin TV recut now on Crunchyroll
43:00 – Super Saiyan Showdown 2 sidebar
44:18 – TMS shows update: Cat’s Eye now unlicensed
45:28 – Maiden Japan licenses This Art Club Has a Problem!

47:11-1:21:28 – home video releases for June and July
47:11 – Viz and Aniplex (June)
50:22 – Sentai (July)
57:57 – Funimation (July)
1:17:12 – Discotek (June)

1:21:28 – Sakura-Con panels and announcements (City Hunter, Code Geass, and more)
1:28:46 – What’s up with Funimation and Crunchyroll now?
1:35:23 – Let’s laugh at Yamakan again!
1:37:37 – Happy nuptials for Asta and Noelle(…’s dub actors)
1:40:09 – Last Week Tonight with Chiitan

Additional audio from:
The Price is Right
Last Week Tonight

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