Episode 47 – The Return of Evangelion!

Episode 47 - The Return of Evangelion!

The Angels have returned, and so have the numerous thinkpieces and hot takes. That can only mean that the ever-so-polarizing Neon Genesis Evangelion has landed on Netflix, and we’re here to have an extended discussion all about it, the elements in it that have changed for this new release, and why this new iteration of the 1995 classic series is what it is. But before that, we have a few news pieces to talk about, including some top-sellers in Japan for the first half of 2019, the latest additions to Toonami coming this weekend, some new shows hitting Netflix in July, and the news that Evangelion 4.0 footage will be premiering – it seems that everything always cycles back around to Evangelion, doesn’t it?

news items:
3:22 – Sarazanmai final thoughts
14:14 – Symphogear seasons 4 and 5 coming to Crunchyroll
20:06 – Toonami additions – Food Wars and Gundam: The Origin
27:42 – top-selling animation home video in Japan (first half of 2019)
50:52 – One Punch Man video game coming 2020
53:05 – pair of intersting shows coming in 2020
57:34 – Netflix July updates (Knights of Sidonia, 7Seeds dub cast, new shows)
1:04:40 – Waiting in the Summer dub cast revealed
1:08:28 – Viz fixing an error in the Sailor Stars LE booklet
1:10:43 – Evangelion 4.0 footage premiering at Japan Expo

Evangelion discussion:
1:11:47 – Intro
1:18:19 – First Thoughts
1:22:59 – Character Voices
1:33:30 – things get a bit derailed
1:35:52 – Our Evangelion Experiences
1:38:40 – A Series of Two Halves
1:43:26 – The “Curse” of Evangelion
1:48:02 – Evangelion 3.0 and In-House Localization
1:57:48 – Blame Khara, NOT Netflix
2:05:03 – The Like/Love Debate and the “No Homo” Mandate
2:18:58 – Contextualizing Localization
2:23:11 – Re-Dubbed Openness
2:25:27 – Passing the Torch
2:27:23 – Toxic Exhaustion
2:29:37 – Parting Thoughts
2:33:01 – The End of… the Episode (and the memes)

Additional music from Evangelion OST:
Suiten fur Violoncello solo Nr.1
Decisive Battle
The Beast II
Angel Attack
F-2 [Jikai yokoku (Next Episode Preview) (30-second version)]
Fly Me to the Moon

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